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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where's the International Outcry Against the Gazan Arabs Attacking Israel?

Perfect timing re:Fred's cartoon

A little while ago we got back home after visiting a neighbor in a different neighborhood.  There was a boom and then we saw pretty red and blue fireworks in the sky.

We're lucky; they were just fireworks.  Other cities, towns and communities in Israel had spent Shabbat listening to sirens and explosions and being forced to run for cover because Gazan Arab terrorists were bombing them, shooting deadly missiles.

Southern Israel under heavy fire: Eight people were wounded Friday, one of them seriously, following a rocker salvo at southern Israel by Gaza terrorists.
More than 40 rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israel's south throughout the day, prompting the Air Force to mount several strikes on Gaza terror cells, killing 12 Islamic Jihad operatives. (complete article)
No surprise that the BBC makes it seem like Israel is the aggressor, because we bombed them back.

Israeli policy isn't firm enough. Our politicians don't have the guts to destroy the terrorists. These "reactions" are just "tickles."

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