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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bibi, Button Your Lips, Like Queen Esther Did

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his government, the media etc have been talking too much and too long about the possibility of bombing the Iranian nuclear factory, wherever it's being developed.  Sorry, Charlie, but an attack would have had been a good idea a few years ago, before it became such a "hot topic." 

It's totally, and dangerously irresponsible and ridiculous to be asking foreign, governments, like the Barack Hussein Obama USA, for permission or approval.

It doesn't matter how well tweaked Bibi's speeches are, they're just talk.  I'm not a fan of words, which may seem very strange from a writer.  In the long run, it's actions that count the most.

And yes, that's one of the messages of the Purim Story in Megillat Esther.  Many people are disturbed by the fact that Mordechai had instructed Esther to keep her Jewish identity a secret when drafted into the "potential queen harem."  But as we all know, it was only because the Jewish Esther had gotten in an became queen that she was able to save the Jewish People.

Menachem Begin surprised the world when he bombed the nuclear reactor in Iraq, and that's the way it should have had been done.  And now, by asking Obama and getting a "wait," we're up a creek.

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