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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perfect Purim News- Israelis Don't Want To Protect The World

Last year at Matan I studied a year long course about Megillat Esther, so I now know more about it than I had in the past.  And the more I know about that era in our ancient Biblical history, the more today seems like an old story.

In Ancient Persia, like in most parts of the world, Jewish communities try to be part of the general society.  Think of the Jewish support United States President Obama gets for inviting Jews to a Chanukah Party.  And think of how proud Jews are when other Jews get appointed to important positions in non-Jewish countries or are rewarded for their achievements.  Nobody likes to think that maybe, it's all for show, and Jews aren't as popular as they like to think they are.

And Israel plays the same sort of role, trying to be accepted and liked by foreign countries, even if it may endanger us.  That's how I see the controversy whether or not Israel should bomb Iran's nuclear industry/development site.  For some strange reason, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu thinks that Israeli citizens like the idea of being forced to do what no other country has the guts to do and bomb Iran.  Opinion polls say that most Israelis are against it.
On the one hand, he and his party seem to be in top political form. On the other, 58 percent of those polled opposed an Israeli strike on Iran, without U.S. backing.
Thus it seems Netanyahu has not convinced those for whom he has been repeatedly threatening Tehran.
Even so, half the respondents said they are relying on Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to handle the Iran issue.
No doubt, you know that Iran is located in Ancient Persia. Modern Israelis want American backing. They don't rely on G-d. They're like the ancient Jews who were happy to be accepted by King Achashverush and Haman. They celebrated at Achashverush's endless parties and didn't mind that he used the golden objects he had looted from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. 
Esther Chapter 1 אֶסְתֵּר ז וְהַשְׁקוֹת בִּכְלֵי זָהָב, וְכֵלִים מִכֵּלִים שׁוֹנִים; וְיֵין מַלְכוּת רָב, כְּיַד הַמֶּלֶךְ. 7 And they gave them drink in vessels of gold--the vessels being diverse one from another--and royal wine in abundance, according to the bounty of the king.
It's believed that these "vessels, from very special vessels" (better translation than the one quoted above)  were those the Persians stole from the Jewish Holy Temple when they invaded, conquered and occupied the HolyLand.
The Jews only united to fight when they were threatened by law with annihilation. And even then, they needed Achashverush's approval to defend themselves. Achashverush couldn't annul the law to kill the entire Jewish population, so he had to declare another law to permit the Jews to defend themselves.  Now, wasn't that pathetic? Think about it. 

And now, Israel led by Bibi Netanyahu wants Obama's approval in order to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons industry. Bibi is acting like a baby, not a leader.

The Purim story is of Hester Pannim, the hidden face/power of G-d.  It was G-d Who gave us the victory over Haman and his followers.  It wasn't Mordechai, Esther nor Achashverush.  And it will be G-d Who makes us victorious now, too, not Obama, the United Nations, nor Binyamin Netanyahu!


Anonymous said...

The similarity of the book of Esther and the time we are living in is uncanny and very, very exciting. What a great post. May we witness the downfall of our enemies soon by the ultimate 'veNahafoch Hu'

Purim sameach!!

Batya said...

Thanks, a, amen
Just shows that G-d is still here waiting for us.