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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Real Life in Southern Israel, While Being Bombarded by Deadly Missiles

The Israeli Government keeps trying to stress how "under control" everything is in southern Israel, even though it's being attacked by Gazan Arab terrorists.  We hear about the Iron Dome's effectiveness at "catching" the missiles, like a world champion soccer goalie stopping the ball, or great American football player tackling his opponent and grabbing the ball.

From friends of mine who live in Israel's beleaguered south I hear different stories.  One of them is about the missile that "landed in a field."  The government spokespeople gave the impression that the field was far from humans, far from homes, schools etc. But the truth was that the field was:
The field is on the corner..a very small field I should add...and across the street and down the street etc was the school, moan, ganim Shul.
Another story not being told is the one Miriam blogged about the animals, the pets and the moshav chickens etc.  Read Miriam's real life, true story of how the constant noisy attacks are affecting the animals.
My friends who have dogs all say that their pets are suffering and that their behavior during this time is not their norm. Some have stopped eating, they need and want extra attention and others just bark morning, noon and night.
We have a sweet eight month old Beagle mix that lives in the house. Patches is traumatized, suffering from anxiety from all the noise. She is terrified of the sirens, booms and helicopters and barks like crazy whenever there is a siren or boom.
She is so afraid being alone and doesn’t let us out of her sight to a point that she scratches and bangs on the door when you are in the bathroom or taking a shower. All Patches wants is to be patted and played with all day long...
Here's the link to the official government instructions on what to do when under attack.

To vary vocabulary, obviously  translated from Hebrew, they not only use the word "attack, " but also use that very "parve," benign word "event," from עירועה iru'ah which I hate in Hebrew, too.  The same word is used for festive occasions, like weddings.  A missile attack isn't just an "event;" it's an attack.  It's an attempt to kill and destroy and we mustn't make it seem harmless, just because G-d in His Mercy made a miracle and saved the residents from death and injury.  If you think I'm exaggerating, here's an example, my emphasis:
How to recognize an event?
When you hear an alert siren, a sound of an explosion or a “Tzeva Adom” warning.
Most Israelis are totally disgusted with the way the government is "handling" the attacks on Israel. I suggest reading Another Tack: Marie in Morag about how the media and government refuse to publicize what they fear will show how they are bamboozling the nation.


Miriam said...

Thank-you Batya for including my blog. Most people don't realize that animals suffer from terror also.


Batya said...

Miriam, thank you for letting us in to see real life.

Yocheved Golani said...

The kneset is NOT handling the situation and wins the prize for needing a reality check.

Batya said...

Yocheved, they certainly aren’t and neither are the govt ministers, including the PM.

toyalsmith said...

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