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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

J Street, Dangerous to Israel, Like Those Who Say That Mind-Set and Vitamins Can Control Serious Illnesses

A number of years ago, after a life-time of suffering periodic uncontrollable flare-ups, a friend was diagnosed with a serious illness.  The doctors said it could be controlled with medication.  As she and her body finally adjusted to the life-saving meds, well-meaning friends kept harping that it was "all in her mind, and with the right therapy and attitude, she'd be fine."  She had been there and done that and almost died from those non-medicated methods. Today, thanks to modern medicine she has been enjoying years of function and a wonderful relationship with family and friends.

Well, to be nice,  I'd say that J Street and their ilk are like those friends who almost killed mine.  Some may really think they're "pro-Israel," but as Ruthie Blum so perfectly wrote, they're really "Pal Street."  They support our enemies and endanger our very existence.

No Jewish organization is more troubled by the Palestinians’ predicament than J Street, the self-described pro-Israel, pro-peace organization that was established in 2008 to counter-balance AIPAC’s work on Capitol Hill, which has consisted of looking out for Israel’s interests by representing the position of any and every Israeli government.
J Street’s executive director, Jeremy Ben-Ami, wanted to change all that. His idea was to look out not for Israel’s interests, but rather for those of “peace in the Middle East” – a euphemism for Israeli concessions in exchange for nothing. Well, nothing other than terrorism, that is. But Ben-Ami and his ilk don’t see it that way. In their view, if it weren’t for Israeli settlements, the Palestinians would have no reason to commit acts of terror. Too bad the Palestinians don’t actually agree with that, as has been proven repeatedly with every Israeli withdrawal from anywhere.
J Street insists that it has all the answers, but when  Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC, Barukh Bina spoke to them and told them the truth, they were shocked and mute, as if rudely awoken from hypnosis.
Audiences at the annual J Street conference in Washington on Monday were shocked when one of the event’s honorees, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC, Barukh Bina, stood at the podium and issued a respectful yet scathing criticism of the advocacy group’s policies. As he took the podium at the event's gala dinner, Binah received rapturous applause, according to the tweets of several conference-goers. However, as the tone and content of Binah's speech became more apparent, the crowd was stunned into silence. (complete article)
They don't take well to hearing the truth, like the "natural health" extremist getting news that one of their followers is dead or dying while religiously following their instructions.

J Street's pushing for a "Two State Solution" is worse than chutzpah.  They're not going to pay the price for their mistakes.  The United States won't either.
Peace is not something Israel can buy.  Israel has not been the aggressor in any way.  We're always reacting,  just trying to protect ourselves, and usually not strongly enough.  The Arabs don't want peace, true peace.  They just want us gone and dead and destroyed.  There is nothing Israel can do, painfully or not, to make peace. 

When the Arabs are ready to live with us in peace, that's when there will be peace.  So J Street, Obama, Blair, the UN, Europe, the international Left--including Israelis etc ad nausuem, please just leave us alone and let us survive and thrive.


Anonymous said...

yep, right on.
i heard a speech from ben-ami, and was disappointed and turned off, to say the least.

Batya said...

a, thanks