Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy to Be in Israel All These Years/Decades

We may have looked young and foolish all those decades ago, when my husband and I got on that boat to Israel two months after our wedding.  But it's one decision I don't regret, not for a second.  There are many reasons.  Among them:

  • We don't have to make excuses, justifying why we're still in America.
  • We have five children, who all got their educations in religious schools.  I doubt if we could have afforded it, or them, if we had stayed in America.
  • Barack Hussein Obama isn't my President.  Bibi Netanyahu is dangerous enough, but at least he knows and cares about Jewish History and can quote the Bible better than most.  There's potential for good in him.
  • The IDF has wonderful soldiers.  My sons still do reserve duty, so how can it be bad?
  • Jewish Holidays are the national holidays and school vacations.
  • Our climate and seasons suit Jewish Holidays.
What would you add?

I'm not saying that things here in Israel are perfect, but I'd rather work to perfect the State of Israel than the United States of America.  The Land of Israel is my home.  Yes, I distinguish between them.  Administration of by the Israeli Government, but my ties as a Jew are to the Land.

It's a wonderful feeling to be here where Jewish history happened and happens.

Dry Bones


Hadassa said...

Everything we do here has more meaning. Building a house isn't just putting a roof over someone's head. It's building a part of Israel. Same for agriculture. Think of all the mitzvot associated it and the fact that even eating fruits grown in Israel is a blessing in a of itself.
If you come to Israel either before your children are born or when they are very young, you don't have to worry that their integration will affect the success of your aliya, and, in most cases, you won't have to worry that your children will come on aliya and you won't see your grandchildren very often. They'll already be here, with you.

Anonymous said...

in a jewish country i can take responsibility for myself and my people as a whole.
it represents what me and mine can do, and have done.
the idea of returning and filling a dream of generations fills me with thanksgiving.

israel is mine, so i love it.

Batya said...

Hadassa and "a," thanks for adding your thoughts.

Lady-Light said...

Omigosh, I remember that: when one could make Aliyah by BOAT. I think they should re-institute that route, don't you think?
Give the airlines a run for their money.

Batya said...

Today the boat would be so expensive, but it can mean that you bring your "lift" with you and have a vacation and mini-ulpan. I loved it.