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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Drivers, Just Drive!! "Switzerland bus crash driver 'was changing DVD"

Yesterday when I was catching up on reading last week's International Herald Tribunes, (the real paper kind,) I came across news of a horrendous, nightmare of an article about a school trip bus crash that killed or seriously injured almost all of the fifty-two (52) people who had been on the bus.
Twenty-two children and six adults, including the two drivers, died in the accident. Another 24 were injured, including three critically. The children -- aged around 12 -- were returning home to Belgium from a skiing trip. The bus, which was carrying 52 people, was one of three hired by a Christian group. Read more:
It is believed that the driver was changing a DVD when he lost control/concentration for that fatal second.

Drivers are too busy concentrating on other tasks, like dialing phones and sending/reading messages to drive safely.

Another problem is insufficient sleep, which seriously affects one's concentration, patience and impulsively.  I did a study on that when I was getting my teachers license.  The increase, in recent decades in the amount of students showing symptoms of ADD/HD is most probably due to insufficient sleep.  The effects of insufficient sleep are identical to the primary neurological syndrome of ADD/HD.  And now, when most of the northern hemisphere is going Daylight Savings, the situation will only get worse.  The longer the sun is shining the later people go to sleep.

Drivers, beware!

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