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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Israeli Governmental Insanity in Israel's South

Please start by reading Miriam's words about what's really going on for ordinary Israeli citizens in southern Israel.  She sent her letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  I doubt he'll read it.  That's to his loss and loss of the nation.

This may be hard to believe, but the Israeli Government is continuing to send aid into Gaza, while the Gazan Arab terrorists are pounding the Israeli south with dozens of dangerous deadly missiles every day.
During the latest round of fighting in the Gaza region, approximately 50 rockets aimed at Israel landed in Palestinian territory.
Official Sources told Ynet that 180 supply trucks entered Gaza on Monday despite the cross-border hostilities. The trucks contained goods such as flour, sugar, dairy products and meat along with medical supplies and electric components.

Just like during the Gulf War over twenty years ago, G-d has been protecting Israeli citizens.  Each of the missiles being launched at Israel is capable of much murder and destruction.  The important "count" is of the weapons being launched against Israel, not our casualties.  I remember the miracles of the Gulf War, when hardly a citizen was injured in Israel, but when the same sort of weapon hit an American base in the area, dozens of Americans were killed.

The Gazan Arab terrorists aren't shooting slingshots.

Israel is a small country.  If you only know miles, 60km is 40 miles.  In many parts of the world, 40 miles/60 kilometers is a reasonable commuting distance.

Don't forget that the Arab aim is the destruction of Israel, and one of the aims of the bombing is the demoralization of its civilians.  That's another reason, it isn't logical or moral for Israel to allow the entry of goods into Gaza.  The Arabs are strengthened and encouraged by it.

Dry Bones
We all must pray that our politicians will accept G-d's wisdom and ignore the world's pressure.


NormanF said...

Shy Guy would say Israel has its share of Stupid Jews - which works like with what COGAT is doing - in the middle of a war! Can you imagine Hamas or the Arabs supplying Israel with tons of aid while under attack? No. Then why is Israel doing it? What's the rationale behind showing kindness to those bent upon your destruction? I don't really get it!

And this brings me to the talk of "calm" we hear from Israel's leaders. They're insulting the intelligence of every Jewish man, woman and child in Israel with such mindless prattle. They pretend they have punished Hamas when in fact they have done nothing of the sort and have only put off dealing with the threat.

The "calm" they aspire to is an illusion. Next time Hamas will have longer range and more powerful missiles, which will nullify all of the expensive investment in Iron Dome. Instead of protecting Israel like adults, Israel's leaders prefer to to play word games with the enemy and pray he doesn't continuing shooting. The only side showing restraint here is Israel.

Its sad.

Batya said...

Norman, I'd say dangerous, not sad. Sad is too benign.

Batya said...

As long as it's not a human casualty

Shy Guy said...

Norman, not just stupid Jews. Wicked Jews.