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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Surprising Perspective From a Young Arab

In all honesty, readers of my blogs have heard this before, I don't see the logic in the Left/Center philosophy/ideology that claims that we Jews have no real rights to be in places like Shiloh. 

Shiloh, Jerusalem, Hebron, Beit El, Shechem etc are the locations of Ancient Biblical Jewish History.  Without recognizing and stressing the importance of our connections to these locations, we have absolutely no historical legitimacy to be here at all or for there to be a State of Israel.  To continue, without stressing/emphasising the historic ties to our Biblical Homeland, we have no reason to be in Tel Aviv.  It's a modern invention of just over one hundred years.  There has been a young vibrant Jewish community in Ancient Shiloh for a third of that time.

This week's Jerusalem Post Magazine has a very interesting article by Daniel Gordis about a talk he recently had with a young Arab woman who said:

“So where is the Jewish state?” I asked her. “Take the pencil and shade in the area.”
What she shaded was a portion of the West Bank.
“The Jewish State is now in the West Bank?” I asked her. “Why?” Because, she explained to me, the “settlers” are really refugees. They, too, are returning to their ancestral homelands. It wouldn’t be fair to tell them to leave. So the Jewish state will be in the part of the West Bank where there is a concentration of Jews, and the rest of the West Bank will be Palestine.

Her statement, which I've emphasised in bold is amazing. 

She also stated that "Palestine" would take over today's Israel.  Daniel Gordis was surprised.  I wonder how all of those faux pragmatic sic Centrists, like Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu, would react to such an idea.  I'm sure that the Leftists would be totally horrified that an Arab would recognize my legitimate right to be in Shiloh but not their right to be in Tel Aviv.

The Left has been brainwashing us for decades claiming that Arabs would be happy with their "solutions" to the "Middle East problem."  No Arab leaders have ever confirmed that Israel/Jews would be rewarded with true peace if we would give up "the west bank, sic."  The Arabs caused the 1967 Six Days War when Jordan was occupying the  west bank, Egypt had the Sinai and Syria was using the Golan for easy attacks on northern Israel.

The young student Gordis interviewed doesn't think there should be an Israel in Tel Aviv, the Negev or the Gallil, which is the standard Arab stance. 

hiding in bomb shelter, March, 2012
We must listen carefully to what our enemies are saying and doing.  Right now, the Gazan Arab terrorists are using Gush Katif to bombard southern Israel. They must be destroyed, permanently destroyed.

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