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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kadima Primaries, Mofaz versus Livni, Does It Make a Difference?

The media is having a blast getting paid lots of overtime covering the Kadima Primaries from start to finish as if the political party of opportunists will ever be elected to govern the State of Israel.  Yes, they did in the past and almost did in the last elections, but their history says a lot about them, all very negative.

If you've forgotten your recent Israeli political history, Kadima was established by Likud politicians, ministers, who while running the country totally rebelled/deserted/contradicted the Likud platform and ideology in proposing and promoting Disengagement, the destruction and upheaval of Jewish Life and communities in Gush Katif and a couple of yishuvim in the northern Shomron.  They fled Likud with their tikkim, ministries and positions, attracting other Leftist political opportunists.  The three wheeler-dealers who orchestrated their big successors are no longer in the picture.
  • Ariel Sharon has been comatose for years
  • Ehud Olmert was forced out of the position of Prime Minister, because he's facing multiple charges of corruption
  • Tzachi Hanegbi had to leave politics after being convicted of corruption.
 Ever since Tsippi Livni failed in putting together a coalition after the most recent elections, Kadima has been losing relevance in Israeli politics.  Her knee-jerk opposition to everything Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has done and said shows that she has no values, no ideology, other than trying to be PM.  Tsippi is just a whiny contrary kvetch.  And Shaul Mofaz hasn't proven himself any better, ever since he retired from the IDF.

So, it's pretty clear that this primary is more like a tournament consolation game for third place.

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