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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hagee Preaches the Gospel from the Aish HaTorah Rooftop

Posted by Jewish Israel

Last week, Pastor John Hagee used the rooftop of the Aish HaTorah World Center, which overlooks the Western Wall and Temple Mount, to declare that jesus is lord and king and to assert that "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess" that belief.

Jewish Israel contacted the administration of the Aish Center at the Kotel to ask some questions...

In this report we also ask, how is it that Pastor Hagee felt so emboldened to take such liberties at the site of a renowned Torah institution in Eretz Yisrael?…more


Anonymous said...

And now talk about all the "xian" influence and presence in Judea and Shomron, please.

Shy Guy said...

Stupid Jews!

What a tremendous chilul Hashem.

Anonymous said...

this shocked me too.

please post aish's response, should it come.

ellen said...

the Aish response is in the report. JewishIsrael spent significant time speaking with members of the aish administration.

I suggest you read the Jewish Israel report for the full response we received, but in a nutshell, Aish said that although they were fully aware of Hagee's visit, they can't take responsibility for what is said or done on their rooftop and that they have no control over tourists or guests.

Batya said...

Ellen, kol hakavod on your excellent and important work lima'an Am Yisrael bEretz Yisrael.

Thanks for posting on this blog.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Well, I'm not surprised. Anybody who is surprised should take a better look at these folks' track record. I still believe the fault is not with Aish, nor is solution is not to bar Evangelicals from speaking in Israel, or to censor the spots from which they broadcast.
Indeed, Aish is part of the solution, which is to strengthen klal Yisrael so we can all see clearly just how ridiculous this message is.
As charismatic as the gospel writers portray him, when Jesus himself walked the streets of Yerushalayim, he failed to sway the majority of us. (Indeed, he failed to convince any eyewitness that he was moshiach, let alone God incarnate.)
Watching his bloated emissaries pushing this message 2000 years later is just plain sad.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Oops - that should read "nor is THE solution TO bar Evangelicals from speaking in Israel."

Shy Guy said...

Jennifer, not that it makes a major difference but you're assuming that the NT contains some actual historical facts about some person in Jerusalem who eventually became a pagan mangod for what's called christianity. There's so much pulp fiction in the NT. There's no reason to assume even 10% of it is based on actual persons or events.

But what I wanted to really say was that it is the Jewish nation's obligation to prevent desecrations of G-d's name like this to take place in Israel or from within any Jewish property.

And when it is not within our capacity to prevent this, it should at least be condemned and shown for the insult which it is to the Jewish nation.

In this, Aish has done nothing - except to turn the other cheek.