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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama Speaks With Forked Tongue, Watch Out World!

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has repeated over and over throughout the years that Iran must be stopped "now." That "now" is stale, overdue.  I davka think this BBC article got the problem right.  The United States hasn't really pledged full support to Israel:
For Mr Obama there is still time for diplomacy and sanctions to take effect. But the fundamental problem remains: as Iran's nuclear facilities go underground, Israel's window of opportunity to act militarily runs out long before that of the Americans.
And that leaves one central question unanswered: is Israel ready to forego a strike against Iran trusting that the Americans will act at some point in the future?
As I've written many times, I don't like the idea that the responsibility for attacking Iran's nuclear plant must be on Israel.  That's a recipe for disaster.  And for Bibi's bombastic "We can defend ourselves and have many friends at our side," that's a mistake.  Israel has no real friends.  United States President Barack Hussein Obama backtracked immediately after his  poorly rehearsed reassurances.  The venom in his voice and body language was clear to everyone with eyes and ears. Pay attention to what Obama is really saying!
Obama’s naive response: “I think it’s entirely legitimate to say that this is a regime that does not share our world-view.”
Huh? A difference in world-view?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asserted that Iranian nukes are a religious obligation. In the eyes of the ayatollahs, the best and final treatment for what ails Iran — they call the malady “Westoxification” — is a nuclear cure.
Pure, simple, deadly and disastrous.
Regardless of what Obama told AIPAC, it’s clear he’s willing to let the Iran problem metastasize. But Israel can’t afford much delay and has zero room for error here.
Let’s hope Obama gets that point. Soon.
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I wish I could write something more cheerful on this sunny Purim day, but today's Haman, Barack Hussein Obama has made that impossible. Some of you may find it very unsettling for me to refer to Obama as a Haman. I guess that a good topic to write about would be whether he's really a King Achashverosh or not. If that is the case, then, who is the Haman? Who is pulling Obama's strings? That's the real question, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

shiloh what you wrote is NOT depressing. when the wine goes in the truth comes out. the truth has come out. that no one is your friend except Hashem. and whom do you need except Him. HAPPY PURIM. i mean, really HAPPY PURIM. your lake kinneret is full of water. more miracles to come.

AliasJoe said...

I am proud to be an American Christian, but I am under no illusions that we have moral leadership in the world. We were revolutionaries back in 1776 and we championed freedom and liberty.

In World War II, we showed some moral leadership, but since then it's been political expediency which had ruled our foreign policy, not our moral compass (which is now somewhere between 90-180 degrees off course).

We Americans, as a nation, like to spout off about our moral superiority, but our actions don't back up those words. Europe is even worse. Once thought of as the cradle of democracy, it's now approaching Sharia Law -- a place where Hitler is honored in the streets by Arab immigrants. The same Arab/Muslim immigrants who have commandeered whole neighborhoods which are now "no-go" zones for the native "infidels".

No, Israel (alone) is the leader in following a moral national policy. She must act while she still has time and the Americans and European will eventually fall in line. They may publicly complain about the Israelis' actions, but in private, they will be thankful.


Batya said...

a, thanks, but the Kinneret is still far from full, although this winter's rain is better than recent years. Yes, we can only rely on G-d and G-d alone.

Joe, thanks for the comments. Today's USA isn't the one I was raised in.