Thursday, July 8, 2010

U. N. and Other International Hypocrites Ignore Time Bomb North of Israel

Hat tip IMRA

The State of Israel is endangered by the massive arms buildup to its north by Hizbulla in South Lebanon.   Honestly, it's no real surprise as far as I can see, but UNIFIL has trouble recognizing the facts on the ground.

Remember that during our last war up in that area, Hizbulla succeeded in striking major Israeli cities.  When the dust finally settled and the Israeli spin doctors got to work, they insisted that we had been successful, because now there would be foreign soldiers protecting us.  It's very obvious what job they've been doing.  They've facilitated anti-Israel terrorist expansion, yes, just the way I predicted.

We can't count on anyone other than ourselves, and it's pretty obvious that we can't count on our politicians and military leaders to do a good job either.  They're all too entrenched in their personal careers , hoping for cushy and lucrative speaking engagements like the worst of them, present-day Defense Minister Ehud Barak, gets when in between his powerful positions.

We certainly can't count on the United States, United Nations, UNIFIL, European Union or any of those others who aren't shy about telling us how to behave, to defend us.

Yisrael, Batach B'Hashem
People of Israel, Trust in G-d


Anonymous said...

well, i dont know if they are actually facilitating hizballah -- in the past the un forces have actually confiscated hizballah weapons -- but clearly they are not doing a good job of reining in hizballah.

Leah said...

....and the UN ( the biggest bastion of hate)confiscated the weapons from Hezbollah..... Just WHERE do you think those weapons are now? I believe they are back where they started......

Batya said...

a, they suffer severely selective vision.

Leah, you're most probably correct.

browser said...

if this criminaly insane traitorous self hating leftist government of Israel ignores the danger in the north,so why should it be a surprise that the rest of the world does not care ?

Batya said...

browser, exactly, but I'm not giving up