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Gush Katif 5th Commemoration Round-up

Gush Katif 5th Commemoration Round-up
by Sara Layah Shomron

This time of year is hard for me, as it has been for the past five years. We're approaching the commemoration of the uprooting from Gush Katif and its destruction. Gush Katif is at the forefront of my mind as memories shadow me, yet time passes and we've tried to progress despite the almost unimaginable loss.

My family is part of the new Neve Dekalim community at Nitzan, not the caravilla site, which we were glad to leave, rather the new Neve Dekalim community adjoining the pre-existing dati-leumi (national religious) Nitzan community. This video (featuring my daughter Nechama!) updates on the various Gush Katif community building projects.

I'll be doing a few things to commemorate the uprooting. From July 13th - 15th I'll be attending the International English Teachers' summer conference at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem where, as official publicist, I'll promote my daughter Shifra Shomron's book, "Grains of Sand: The Fall of Neve Dekalim" at a display table in the exhibition hall. The book will also be featured in the conference's July 13th poster session, "Teenager's Voice-Grains of Sand: The Fall of Neve Dekalim." I'll give a brief presentation and then Shifra will take the floor. For a sneak preview, please click on the link to our poster session's handout: Click on zoom+ (directly below the bottom of the handout page) to enlarge the print. It is especially exciting to see that Gush Katif is represented at this very important international conference.

My family will also be participating in some of the 70 Gush Katif commemoration events planned throughout the country. We invite you to join us. Please mark your calendar and look to attend. For a memorial event near you, contact the Gush Katif Committee, tel. (08) 973-8000, or the new English language website, which is worth a look even after the events are over.

The last two items below are posted on the INN Facebook discussion section. I encourage you to let people know what you are doing to mark the 5th commemoration:

1) Monday, 12 July, at 20:00, at the Petach Tikva Sharet Hall, next to the Municipality of Petah Tikva:
The program is in Hebrew. Rabbi Raffi Peretz of the Atzmona Mechina and Anita Tucker from Netzer Hazani.

2) Thursday, 15 July, from 19:30-21:15, at the OU Center, Jerusalem.
(22 Keren Hayesod Street):
A program especially created for English speakers will take place next week, Thursday, 15 July, from 19:30-21:15, at the OU Center, Jerusalem. It will feature speakers Dror Vanunu, International Coordinator of the Gush Katif Fund and Rachel Saperstein, Director of Operation Dignity. An exclusive film produced by the Gush Katif Committee will be shown. This is one of 70 such events taking place across the country.

3) Thursday, 22 July, from 15:00-21:00, at the OU Center, Jerusalem:
Exactly one week later at the same venue, a special event SALUTING YESHA ARTISTS will take place, G-d willing, with the majority of the artists participating being former residents of GUSH KATIF. The occasion will also serve as a benefit for the organization HONENU which provides support and legal counseling for Jews who run afoul of the authorities while defending Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel. Come to the Israel Center ( Keren Hayesod Street 22) between 15:00-21:00 on Thursday, 11 Av (22 July) to give support. This is a social, cultural, civil rights activity open to all at no charge. Not to be missed! (bli neder I’ll be there promoting Shifra’s book, and hope to see you there!).

Because the spirit of Gush Katif has not been broken... Katif Od Chai!

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