Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Technology Won't Bring Peace and Security to Israel

Big deal, so what, there's a rocket/missile/weapon "catching" machine that can be set up in Israel to keep the weapons the Arab terrorists launch at Israel from landing, killing, destroying innocent Israelis.

"A system that can shoot down approaching rockets has passed its last tests and will be ready for deployment by November outside Sderot, near the Gaza border, Israel’s Defense Ministry said Monday. The “iron dome” system uses sophisticated radar to track, intercept and destroy rockets that are still far from their targets. The iron dome system was developed to protect Israel from rockets fired by Palestinian militants."

Just like deadly bacteria that constantly adapt to the antibiotics, the terrorists will find other ways of  attacking us.

We must destroy the Arab terror structure/organization/factories.  Hiding under "umbrellas" won't help.  Things will only get worse.  Negotiations aren't useful either.  They just encourage and embolden the enemy.

Let's pray for storng sensible leadership, true Jewish values and priorities.


in the vanguard said...

You say, "Just like deadly bacteria that constantly adapt to the antibiotics, the terrorists will find other ways of attacking us."

But this is a bad analogy because we DO use newly-discovered antibiotics to fight disease - but this "iron dome" shield, they only SELL to foreign governments - they DO NOT USE IT FOR DEFENSE as they should against the Hamas that continue to bombard Sderot across the South border - with NO retaliatory Israeli response, despite their having this newly-developed technology.

yoni said...

"iron dome" does not- and cannot- really work. it's a high-tech/expense vs. low-tech/proximity issue. they're lying to us again, like with the patriots. "just keep your air force out of it, mr. shamir, we'll protect you with our boy scout model rocketry club."

give me a break.

Batya said...

edge, it's a deadly race between bacteria and antibiotics, and in too many cases, the bacteria are winning.

yoni, yes, unfortunately

josh said...

Who knows? Maybe this will really be successful, and have some sort of 'Star Wars'-like affect on their morale. Remember that the US 'star wars' program was entirely unsuccessful operationally, but it caused the Soviets to give up the arms race. The separation fence is not impervious, but it caused a massive hit to Arab morale. They had been promised by their leasers to go back to their 'homes' but this new fence, or rather the highly publicized wall sections forced them to think that it might not happen after all.

Good luck to IronDome.

Batya said...

josh, maybe you've been watching too many movies.