Friday, July 16, 2010

G-d Shakes Up Washington DC

This morning's headlines tell of an earthquake in the Washington DC area, yes, the United States's Capital City.  Hmm... can that be a message?

The east coast of the United States generally thinks itself immune to such natural disasters.

G-d likes to give us a chance to repent, so we shouldn't scoff at the relatively low magnitude of the earthquake.  It may be barely noticed in California, but for the Washington DC area it's major.  G-d customizes for each of us.

On the Jewish Calendar we're in the deepest days of mourning for our Holy Temple and Jewish Unity.  Next month is Ellul, the month of repentance before our New Year, Rosh Hashannah, and Yom Kippur when we beg G-d to forgive us.

The United States Government, led by its President Barack Hussein Obama is the least sympathetic to the State of Israel and the Jewish People since Jimmy Carter.  G-d's trying to shake us up a bit.  Let's all listen and not dull the sensations with Prozac and Nobel Peace Prizes.

Shabbat Shalom from my temporary blogging spot in the USA...

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