Friday, July 23, 2010

Breaking The Law on NYC MTA Buses

There's a big sign on the QM (Queens-Manhattan) buses warning passengers not to speak to the "operator) when the bus is in motion.  Well, I guess nobody told the operators (drivers) about it.  I took those buses the other day to meet my elderly aunt and my father's cousin (whose actually very close to my age.)

It was like in Israel, the drivers and passengers were all buddies and friendly.  On the way to Queens, I wasn't sitting close enough to hear the conversation, but on the way back I was right there.  OK, on the bus there were barely half a dozen of us, but everyone was talking.

First there was a conversation about:

"Did you see the picture on the cover of the newspaper?  Take a look!"
"A black couple with a blond blue eyed kid!"
"Is it theirs?"
"Maybe he's albino."
"Did they do DNA testing?"

Then the conversation switched to Obama.  I could see that the driver was Black, but wasn't sure about the others.  I was certain that they must be loyal Obama fans.
"Do you think he'll get a second term?"

"No way.  He has made too many mistakes, and too many impossible to keep promises."  And that was the driver.


Sammy Finkelman said...

It depends on whom the Republicans nominate for President, and to some degree on what he actually does in the future

Of those Republicans prominently mentioned now, I think the only one who could win is Jeb Bush. You could find someone else maybe too. It's 2 years.

Batya said...

Jeb Bush, gevalt, another notch in the dynasty. American politics is nose-diving, Sammy.