Thursday, July 8, 2010

OK, Bibi, Stand By Your Words!

Mr. Prime Minister,

I heard you on on Larry King Live, today.  You said that you'd only speak to those who don't want to destroy us. 

I hope that you get to see the news, read it on the internet or in the newspaper and not predigested summaries like many of your peers (other foreign leaders.)  Just now when I turned on the computer I saw:

Abbas to Arabs: We'd Support a War Against IsraelPA Chairman tells Arab League: “If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor.”
From what I heard you say, you don't see Arabs who want to destroy us as negotiating partners for peace. 

Mr. Prime Minister, I'm no youngster.  Actually, I'm a little bit older than you. Besides writing, I've taught high school English, reading comprehension and more.  It seems pretty obvious that Abbas is in that category of "not a partner for negotiations."  It's very obvious that the only "peace" he wants requires our destruction.

Show some guts, true leadership and announce to the world that Peace will have to wait another generation or more. 

You told Larry King that you really enjoy learning the Bible with your son.  If that's the case, then you know that there's a precedent for postponing important and much awaited events.  The best example is when the Jewish People were supposed to enter the Holy Land after the exodus from Egypt.  We were a short trek away when the tribal leaders sinned, ten out of twelve announced that we would be destroyed by the "giants" if we entered the Land.
G-d's response was:

"If you have such little faith, you won't enter.  The next generation will enter the HolyLand after you're all dead, after forty years of punishment."
Please be a leader, our leader. Don't follow foreign gods and kings.

Batya Medad
New York to Jerusalem, 1970
Jerusalem to Shiloh, 1981


Keli Ata said...

It's weird.

Netanyahu has been on US TV so much lately--Larry King, Katie Kouric, Glenn Beck, Bill Maher, O'Riley, Fox News, many Sunday morning talk shows. We see more of him than just about any other Israeli PM.I'm sure most Americans (except Obama and his ilk) really like him.

Sp why does he coming across as lying some of the videos I've seen on him in In Israeli interviews?

In one brief clip he's sweating, his eyes dart from side and side and he's a little hostile with the female reporter?

Watching him on TV is sort of like watching the old TV show What's My Line. Will the real PM please stand up.

Batya said...

He's very comfortable in English. He was educated in the states. The Israeli reporters are very obnoxious and rude. You have to know Hebrew to fully understand why he looks so hostile in Israeli interviews.

Hadassa said...

Keli, virtually all Israeli reporters are extremely left-wing and do not miss an opportunity to skewer Bibi. In fact, they create opportunities, sometimes in rather unethical ways. That ought to explain the hostility.