Friday, July 9, 2010

Is It Dangerously Foolish For Israel To Be "Nicer than Nice" to Our Enemies?

Twenty years ago after my elder son was hit by a small truck and seriously injured, he spent half of his hospital time in ALYN the Children's Orthopedic hospital.  At one point (for a few days) he had two roommates, one an Israeli Muslim and the other a Druse.  In the relatively apolitical world of hospital care, we all got along.  The Druse boy's family served in the IDF and the Muslim boy was usually cared for by a spinster aunt, who was a nurse and very fluent in Hebrew.

The three boys were pretty silent, but the accompanying adults always had something to talk about.  One night the nurse barged in all angry yelling that we were keeping the kids up.
"Keeping them up?" I replied.  "Where are they going tomorrow?  All they do is lay in bed."
I couldn't understand why the PR Department hadn't paid us a visit to show how well we all got along.

I have no problems with Israeli citizens of various religions and "races" getting the same excellent medical care together.  But I don't see why we should give these expensive services to our enemies.  Besides the financial aspect of wasting our limited resources, I worry about the security risks involved with allowing Hamas supporters to wander around our hospitals.  Has anyone become pro-Israel as a result?  I'm sure they'd be assassinated if they announced a change of heart.


Anonymous said...

Hello Batya, I have been in the hospital for 4 months, and many surgeries to go!I hope I am not intruding into your post, but this seemed to touch a spot in my heart. I have seen the injustice of other nations against Israel the last year; We all have heard Obama's wickedness,and the world community seems to focus on a small spot on the map called Israel, forgetting all the true injustice happening elsewhere!, !but despite false accusations of humanity against her!Israel is the only Nation in the middle east that offers; True freedom!I believe there must be a line drawn between knowing when to have compassion for others, verses others using compassion for a weakness is to hurt you.To me;You have made an example of what Israel really is! The Kingdom of the true Living G-d; The G-d that loves! Shabat Shalom

Batya said...

Robert, a refuah shleimah, a rapid and complete recovery.
Israel must first make sure that its own loyal citizens get good medical care before giving it to our enemies.

Anonymous said...

Toda raba Batya. Absolutely!Same problem in the States. It took a year to receive any help aid for my medical bills,since I am uninsurable from multiple health problems!I was denied while illegal immigrants, and other minorities capable of working received aid and food; no questions asked, carrying $200.00 purses, and manicured nails, new cars , etc. while I sat next to 3 terminally ill people all been refused aid , and told to go back to work!The health care here is 10 times worse since Obama!They had only 3 employee's,But they did have a voter registration desk, and worker there helping new liberal voters! So goes Israel, so goes the world!Be'shalom The only difference is Israel[dry bones ] is beginning to breathe from the breath of G-d, and America is choking!Be'shalom

Batya said...

Robert, how depressing. That's because democracy is rule by idiots. Majority wins.