Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Time to Leave Lala Land

The Arabs don't want peace with Israel.  They want to be without Israel.  And when that's the case, there's nothing to negotiate.  No matter what we "reluctantly" agree to, no matter what promises, urgings etc from international mediators, there's no way that there will or can be peace with people who want us dead and gone.  Each concession we make just brings more and more dangerous demands.

These negotiations, direct, indirect,m proximity etc are like cancers.  And we all know that cancers must be destroyed.

These negotiations must be stopped!  Our very survival is at stake.


Anonymous said...

i consider myself far to the left of you politically/ideologically, but i pretty much agree with your sentiments here.

yoni said...

i agree, too, but i'd be careful with the cancer analogies. sure it's a bad thing and sure it "must" be destroyed, but even today with all our medical knowledge and technology, the patient often dies from the rigors of the treatment before the disease is destroyed. just sayin'.

Batya said...

a, if you agree, maybe you ought to change your label or tell your leaders they ought to check their conclusions/policies.

yoni, one shouldn't ignore the diagnosis.