Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Jewish? What's American? What's Just?

Dry Bones description of the extreme Left American lobby group, J-Street is 100% on target.

I wonder if United States President Barack Hussein Obama is even aware that his bowing when meeting people is a very unAmerican gesture, body language.  It's no secret that he spent many of his formative years abroad.  And I'm not even getting into the controversy concerning his place of birthIt would be a good idea for him to hire someone to retrain him, since the body language keeps making him look foolish.   Hat tip: Seraphic Secret 


Anonymous said...

i find his bowing largely innocuous. he is just trying to be culturally sensitive, as we would hope people would be with us.

Batya said...

You must be joking a. He's bowing to the the Mayor of Tampa, Florida.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Obama lover Anon pwn'd badly by Batya!

Unknown said...


The bowing is actually incorrect according to the cultures of the people he is bowing to. For example, the bow to the Emperor of Japan was that of a subject to a ruler rather than that of a younger noble to an elder of the same rank. The bow to the Empress might have been correct to the Emperor.

Cultures that use bowing as a greeting are very precise in the meanings. Obama's bows seem to err in the direction of obsequiousness.

Batya said...

He needs training by a protocol expert.