Monday, February 15, 2010

Turmoil in The IBA, Israel Broadcasting Authority

Ironically No real surprise that contrary to Prime Minister Binyamin's talk, pledges, promises that hasbara, information, public relations for the good name of the State of Israel is one of his great priorities, it's davka his government which is planning the end of the IBA, Israel Broadcasting Authority including Israel's very professional English-language news broadcasts.

Yesterday's IBA Television newscast began with a plea by veteran editor, journalist and broadcaster Steve Leibowitz asking viewers to protest the demise of the station.  This isn't the first time that Israel's foolish, short-sighted politicians have tried to close down the English news.  But this time, it's more than just that.  The entire broadcasting authority, including the Kol Yisrael, Voice of Israel radio is in danger.

Last night, I waited up to see one of my favorite shows, Law and Order.  Instead, a sign was on the screen proclaiming union sanctions.  No broadcasting after 11pm.

I have plenty of complaints about the IBA, foremost is that they tax all TV-owning citizens even if they don't broadcast to our parts of the country.  (People need to pay for either cable or a private satellite dish.)  But even without a television set or being in or near Israel, anyone with a computer modem can receive the newscasts on the internet.  If the politicians have their way, the English radio news shows, heard all over the world, will also end.

There's no substitute for IBA's and Voice of Israel English News.

Voice you protests now!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Law & Order on CH1 tonight, Monday?

Batya said...

They switched it last week, but now nothing will be on after 11pm.

Anonymous said...

There's always the Simpsons!

Batya said...

Ahh, if you like that, there's fox series...