Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prof. Aumann, Better Late Than Never

I'm very glad to hear Nobel Prize winner Prof. Aumann slam Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu's ten month YESHA building freeze.  Of course, I would have preferred hearing his opposition earlier, or did I just miss it?

There's no logic to the policy and Aumann's specialty is Mathematics, logic for sure.

...he felt strongly that the building freeze is not an instance of appropriate diplomacy. "It's not only immoral, it's stupid!" Aumann said. "It's stupid… because it says to the Arabs, 'you can continue to be intransigent and we will make one gesture, one capitulation after another.' We're giving the wrong signal."

"Just as Chamberlain gave the wrong signal to Hitler in Munich and Chamberlain brought about the Second World War – not Hitler, but Chamberlain brought about the Second World War, made it possible by his capitulation to Hitler in Munich – by sending a signal of weakness, we are encouraging intransigence and in fact, war, on the part of the Arabs. It's simply stupid," Aumann said.

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