Friday, February 19, 2010

Cracks in The Obama Fan Club

The honeymoon seems to be over for the United States President Obama and the American public.  Like a "modern marriage" in the western world, the wedding and official couple-hood are more a deneumont than the beginning of something new and exciting.

Barack Hussein Obama rode in like a prince in shining armor to rescue Americans from the Bush Republicans.  Now that the armor is off, and they see what they have, disappointment is setting in.

Obama's handlers did a great job in getting him elected.  The campaign was brilliant, but being United States President is a lot more complex.  Pet causes of the Left, like the environmentalists, were sure that he would be their savior, but now they're very disappointed.

A totally different group was horrified when he appointed Rashad Hussain as special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Those counting on Obama's Health Care promises are up for more disappointment, because it's not all that easy, and the bill won't be passed and activated all so soon.  And there's no guarantee that it will really serve the needs of all those who voted for him.

The United States economy isn't getting any better, but the Chinese is.  I grew up during the hottest time in the Cold War.  Nobody could have predicted that a half a century later the USSR would be dead and Communist China would have such a strong economy.

He's easy to mock.  But considering the landslide of his election, he may still be electable in 2012.

Israeli politics is different.  The jokes against politicians are mean or none at all.

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