Tuesday, February 9, 2010

McCarthyism and Israel's Left

As usual, when caught in one of their own traps the Left distort history and attack those telling the truth.  Im Tirtzu's expose` on the dangerous, anti-Jewish rights in Israel and hypocritical civil rights for Arabs not Jews agenda of the foreign funded New Israel Fund calling it all McCarthyism:

(IsraelNN.com) Minister of Welfare and Social Services Yitzchak Herzog (Labor) defended the New Israel Fund against accusations that it helps Israel's enemies besmirch Israel. The fund, which disburses about $20 million every year, is under heavy fire for allegedly financing the Israeli organizations that provided 92 percent of the anti-Israeli statements to the the Goldstone committee.

"The pile-up on the New Israel Fund is McCarthyism,” the Labor minister said, referring to the 1950's-era pursuit of Communists in the United States. (complete article)

It's from Herzog's Leftist friends we see McCarthyism against the Land of Israel Right, as many others have already commented.  Herzog is far from objective when it comes to the New Israel Fund.  Using "McCarthyism" as "hammer," the knee jerk Leftists automatically come out swinging against those telling the truth.  Im Tirtzu has exposed the New Israel Fund for what it is , a front group, a highly professional organization which helped totally apolitical organizations to mask their true agenda.

McCarthy's extremism against the American Left went too far, blacklisting even those innocently caught up in the public witch-hunts.  In Israel those methods are used against the Right, the pro-Jewish rights in the Land of Israel.  How ironic.


Keli Ata said...

It's all part of a high-powered PR assault on Israel. That is, using specific words to elicit a strong response from the public, such as calling Israelis "Nazis" and Israel an "apartheid state."

The later two have spread like wild fire and you find people making such comparisions everywhere from You Tube comments to the former president of the US.

Personally, I think the accusation of McCarthyism is particularly dangerous if allowed to go unchecked as it could well lead to actual McCarthyism in Israel.

The world is so politically correct and it seems (could be wrong) any pro-Zionist stance in Israel can subject an Israeli to an investigation or suspicion of being a subversive.

(Note, I don't know if that's the case but when an Israeli blogger gets called to a police station it makes you wonder about genuine McCarthysim there).

Batya said...

There is McCarthyism in Israel. Actually it predates McCarthy. The Left has always used these methods against the Right.