Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Israel Fund and Planting Seeds For The Future

I'm glad that the truth about the purpose of the New Israel Fund has finally been revealed.  Its agenda isn't just a matter of civil rights.  Foreign governments and international bodies have used The New Israel Fund to systematically empower and assist organizations whose aim is the weakening of the State of Israel.

They used a very cleaver "fig leaf" as they helped a vast variety of NPO's non-profit organizations in Israel.  A very crucial aspect/department of the NIF, Shatil, trained community and NPO leaders.   Some (a very small percentage)  of the organizations were truly apolitical, not at all connected with the New Israel Fund's agenda.  There was a time when I worked for one of them.  I went to sessions in the Shatil office in Jerusalem and was instructed in how to use their data base of foundations for fundraising.

Shatil and all of the New Israel Fund's departments are highly professional.  That is how the loony Left agenda has succeeded in dominating, controlling Israel's media and politicians.  Our political "center" has moved far, far Left.  Who would have thought that Left wing mantras like "palestinian (sic) people" and  "two state solution" would become common place in all but what is today considered the very extreme Right?

This is due to the professionalism and goal orientation of the Left.

None of us on the Right, the Land of Israel is for Jews, has been able to mentor, guide, educate leaders, media etc.  We don't have training programs.  The international Left  has been doing this for decades. Shatil is almost thirty years old.   

What do we have? Moetzet YESHA?

We've been hoping that being right and nice  are enough, like that pathetic slogan in the horrible time leading to disengagement.  Love isn't enough, not even enough to hold a marriage together.  I remember a short conversation with a cab driver after an anti-Disengagement demonstration.  I had been muttering about how totally incompetent Moetzet YESHA was, wondering out loud if it could have been intentional.  The cabbie had no doubts:
"This Disengagement idea is so awful that if they can't get it canceled, there must be something wrong with them."

It's not enough to just go the legal way against the New Israel Fund.  Parallel to that we must promote our own grassroots organizations professionally.  Money's not enough.  We need to promote our points professionally and educate a variety of NPO's and a cadre of workers who know that good intentions aren't enough, even when you're doing G-d's work.


Hadassa said...

Homesh First is a ray of hope, although I haven't heard much from them lately.

Batya said...

Do people live in Homesh?
Also, Nadia and WIG no longer deal with the big picture, just Shdema.

Hadassa said...

A "ray of hope" indicates that improvement is needed. There HAS been constant Jewish civilian presence in Homesh for a few years. It's a beginning, not the end, but without a beginning we can't progress at all.

Batya said...

G-d willing