Friday, February 12, 2010

The New Israel Fund and Those "Red Lines"

In the aftermath of the Im Tirtzu expose` of the New Israel Fund, the NGO Monitor is calling on the New Israel Fund to establish "red lines" and stop funding dangerous groups which delegitimize Israel.  This may sound good in principle, but it's like trying to make ice cream healthy, low far, low calorie and no artificial stuff.  Those extreme Leftist groups that the NIF support are the bedrock of their business.

Call me a paranoid conspiracy freak, but I'm pretty sure that the New Israel Fund was established to promote those Left wing advocacy groups, and the rest of their admittedly professional and excellent work is just a fig leaf to cover up their true agenda.


Yonatan said...

Right you are. They will just another "layer" of organizations to insulate them from harm, just as the Ford Foundation does.

Batya said...

Professionals, for sure.