Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Real Reason the Leftists and the "Progressives" sic, Especially in Israel, are in Such a Tizzy

Leftists like to call themselves doves, and doves are just short-sighted pigeons versus the much more intelligent far-sighted hawks.

Some leftists have just woken up to the fact that they're losing the war, because of demographics.  To put it very simply.  They just didn't have enough children.  They thought they were so clever preserving the environment that they delegated reproduction to those with different values, the Right and the culturally deprived.

So, who's having the last laugh?

In Israel, it's not very funny, because the Left is fighting hard against the more religious Right.  Not only do the Israeli Left have fewer children than the Right, but the IDF soldiers and officers are more religious than in the general population.

Simple math proves that this is a growing trend.  The lesson is:

If you want to take over the world, have more children!


Bryan said...

To be fair, they were being environmentally responsible. Having 2 children is the replacement rate: to keep humanity at a given population so that a Malthusian disaster (global war over resources, epidemic, widespread starvation, etc.) is avoided. In the very long run, they're doing the right thing.

(Of course, this means they shouldn't whine when those who disagree with them breed more, but trying to stop the Left from whining is like trying to stop puppies from barking.

Batya said...

Hah! Two was their maximum, so they're basically like the Catholics forbidding their brightest from reproducing. The joke's on them.

beakerkin said...


My relatives had a different experience with the far left. My grandfather fought for Poland in the war of 1920.

In general the Jewish community does not consider converts to be Jewish.The truth is that Marxism is a religion that is more doctrinaire and at its core antisemitic than Islam.

So called Jewish communists are vocal in supporting and often spearheading the most vile forms of antisemitism on the planet. Such
idiocy as the statements of Norman Finkelstein and Harold Pinter is quite lucrative and is called "revolutionary authenticity".

I do not understand some of the people who remain in America. I have an old classmate who struggles
to get by in brutal poverty with ten kids. I pointed out in Israel he wouldn't be bothered by out of control health care costs. I visited the other day and left $200.00 dollars in the bathroom.

Of course Yeshiva tuition is ultimately going to be the destruction of the community. I have zero idea how young families afford $30000 tuition bills and then college or law school.

As Obama disappoints more people the left has grown more shrill. They are also paranoid about the Tea Party movement.

Batya said...

Bearkin, so nice to hear from you!

From what I've been hearing from the states, financial problems have been limiting family size, since the young parents' parents don't have the financial resources their own parents had.

Obama has enough non-thinking automatic votes to get in again. What ever happened to the questions about his birth etc?

beakerkin said...

You asked the right person about the birth certificate as I am charged with inspecting such documents. In general the laws of the time made a child born abroad to a US citizen mother nothing. In some rare instances civil servants took matters into their own hands to rectify the situation.

In general there is only one lab that can determine authentic birth documents in the United States. As Obama is unlikely to ever submit this document and the political pressures would be high we will never know. Kenyan documents are better than most in Africa.

The way things are going if the job market doesn't pick up soon Obama is finnished. There is a lot of anger in unlikely places. Even the my Union is very upset with him.

I have no idea why my old class mate remains in the USA with nine kids. He would be smarter to make aliyah. For a single man who is a government employee I am okay.

Batya said...

Bearkin, people are afraid of change. Oops! That's funny. I was referring to your friend and "change" was Obama's winning slogan.

People do like "change" in theory, for someone else, like the govt, but they won't do anything on their own.

Could Hillary really pick up the chips for the dems? How many of the dissatified Americans would vote for Palin? Who's out there to take over?

beakerkin said...

I remember 1980 and the same questions were asked. Jimmy Carter was a disaster on all fronts. Believe it or not Obama has stepped up the use of drones on terrorists and has been better than expected.

I see Obama being challenged in his own party first perhaps by a Bayh type. Carter was challenged by Ted Kennedy.

I do not know if Pallin will make it. A Governor of a big state has a better shot. She has the outsider bit tied up.

Keli Ata said...

Palin's chances of winning are slipping every day. She's accepting money from anti-Israel groups/individuals and her intelligence or lack thereof is becoming an issue.

"In general the Jewish community does not consider converts to be Jewish"

? SAD!

Re population--too many parents are shelfish. They want to work fulltime to buy all of their expensive toys but they also want children as status symbols so they have one or two--then ship them off to daycare centers eight hours a day to be raised by total strangers.

Batya said...

Beakerkin, good points. Carter was/is awful.

Keli, converts are accepted in places like Shiloh. Many of my neighbors are converts. There's a big problem that many convert via reform and consvative, and their conversions aren't valid.

beakerkin said...


When I say converts I mean Jews who have converted to another religion.
One should really view communism as a religion. Nor is this view unique it was held by Toynbee. My own family considered them to be non Jews
and shunned

Batya said...

beaker, communism is a religion for sure, especially as one of its tenets is the replacement of prior religion.

Funny how we project our feelings when reading.

I just blogged about Jewish relatives converting out.