Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I Learned From The Kennedy-Nixon Debate

First of all, I learned that politics is very superficial.  It's a beauty contest, especially once television had become the medium most people use to make "informed decisions."

The Kennedy- Nixon debates taught us all that good grooming is important.  Anyone with stock in under-arm sweat-guards made a killing.  Am I presuming too much?  Maybe some of you aren't aware of the fact that Nixon had sweated through his suit, and his habit of raising his arms let the world know it.  He also needed a shave.  Maybe it wasn't all that obvious in person, but the camera wasn't kind to him.  JFK was more photogenic.

Statistics show that in American Presidential Elections, the taller candidate generally wins.  Yes, obviously McCain hadn't a chance against Obama.  Kennedy and Nixon were about the same height.  That's probably why the race was so close.  Politics is very superficial, a lot like show business.

The New York Times also shows the other headlines on the same day.  How ironic that they proclaim:

"Emily Post is Dead Here at 86; Writer Was Arbiter of Etiquette: Author of Books and Columns on Good Manners--Name a Synonym of Propriety"

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