Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Israel Invites Foreign Condemnation

Immediately after the 1967 Six Days War, Israel annexed land that Jordan had held in Jerusalem, plus additional land for growth of the city.  The government was confident that by restricting annexation to just a bit of the land liberated in the war, the world would be more accepting of our survival.  
But actually, by not annexing all the land liberated, Israel has caused the world to doubt our rights over any of it, even Jerusalem.  Whenever Israel announces building in any part of the city, which hadn't been in its possession prior to the war, there's an international storm of protest.
If only Israel had been totally consistent and annexed all of the territory we had won in that defensive war for the continued existence of our precious country, we'd be secure and safe.  The internal debate within Israel on what territory is necessary or permitted to us and if there should be an Arab terror state in our very heartland not only encourages the world to attack and condemn us, but it endangers our very existence.
Our defense and security are our responsibility and we shouldn't expect or ask or desire that any other country or foreign body "assist."  We must not create policies to placate foreign demands.
Only by ceasing the dangerous talk of "two states" will we be safe and secure.  We must annex all of the Land Of Israel.  It's all ours.  There is no precedent for ceding land won in a defensive war of the type we experienced in 1967.
We must beuild Jewish homes and communities in all of the Land of Israel.


Mark said...

"We must annex all of the Land Of Israel."

Are you going to allow all people residing within those borders to become citizens?

Anonymous said...

im with mark. this could prove disastrous.

Batya said...

In the USA not every resident is a citizen. One has to pledge allegiance etc.

Mark said...

"One has to pledge allegiance etc."

And in exchage for all sorts of rights that one has as a citizen, why would our friendly residents of Jenin, Ramallah, Tulkarem etc. not pledge allegiance?

Batya said...

They'd be executed by their friends and neighbors, and they'd have to pay taxes and obey laws and close down their "authority."

Anonymous said...

There's supposed to be a Jewish state here. Non-Jews are welcomed but cannot participate in anything that is responsible for the Jewish character of the state.

That being said, as far as I'm concerned, all the Arabs have to go. They have proven to be a belligerent enemy of Israel and there's no need to give them anything around here.

Let them drink the waters of Aman and Damascus for all we care.

Unknown said...

Of course, the current Arab compromise can be considered. They are willing to allow the new eastern border of Israel to be three miles west of Tel Aviv rather than the 200 miles that they had wanted originally.

BTW, the word "west" was not a typo.