Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Israel's Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Should Have Concluded His U.N. Speech

On Friday I wrote my opinon of PM Binyamin Netanyahu's UN Speech.  I sent it to my list and received a lot of comments.  For that reason, I found myself writing what I think would have been a polite and diplomatic way of telling the world to cut off the pressure. We're not contiuing with our dangerous self-destructive policies.

Here's my suggestion as to how Bibi should have concluded the speech.  How would you have written it?

"As the son a a great historian, I was raised on history and value its lessons. For that reason I can't ignore the past, and I must learn from it. I'm sorry to be forced by facts to say that Israel can no longer offer gestures, Land, to our enemies. We are not attacking them. We behave in a peaceful way. They don't. I hope and pray that some day they will. Peace is up to them. We will endanger ourselves no more."


real estate agent from Vancouver said...

I am not sure if building the wall around the nation is a peacefull way.

Batya said...

I don't think it's practical, safe or an intelligent prevention against Arab terrorism.
Somebody's getting very rich.