Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nothing's New, But Obama's On His Way Down

hat tip for cartoon: Boris
From what I've been reading in American news publications, U.S. President Obama's popularity is dropping even more quickly than I had predicted.  Of course his approval ratings can go up and down many times until the next elections.  Considering how new he is on the American political scene, he does have less holding power on his supporters.
In contrast, the Kennedy political machine has always been able to weather the storms better, because it's actually decades older than Obama, himself.  They were crucial in getting Obama elected, but that doesn't mean that they will support him, prop him up if they consider him a liability. 
Celebrity vs Power is very fickle.


josh said...

Then why are we stopping the building if he is so damn weak now!?!??! Is this a classic case of our government failing to understand US politics? Is Ambassador Michael Oren feeding Bibi bad info?

Batya said...

Our Foreign Ministry is a Loony-Left Peace Now bastion of idiocy. They'll find any excuse to push their policies.

Anonymous said...

oh, don't worry for obama, he won't lose his popularity. Remember unpopular Bush? Obama's much better and smarter. He'll gain some more popularity in tha future when he'll make peace in the middle east (together with palestina) and when he will move his troops out of iraq.

Batya said...

I'm not worrying, I wish. Obama still has a lot of the media.

Anonymous said...

anyone is better than bush or mccain.