Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not To Belittle The Ramon Family's Grief

But, yes, but here in Shiloh, we also have a family sitting shiva the second time in just a few years.  It's not all that unusual to have a parent and child buried nearby in the same cemetery.

For Israel, the Ramon family is of the elite. The late Ilan Ramon was one of Israel's top pilots, and his son Assaf was trying to follow in his footsteps.  Israeli Air Force pilots are known for their intelligence, competitiveness and their daring.  It's sad, almost "Kennedyesque" for the Ramon boy to have died piloting a jet fighter.

My neighbors are also in mourning, sitting shiva for a bereaved mother who was killed by cancer, had suffered the loss of a son/brother when he was murdered by Arab terrorists.  Mother and son are now united in death.

This isn't the only case; recently in Ofra a bereaved father, also passed away from cancer.  There are many more families that have suffered similar coincidences.  I know of another family with three generations dead, all with the same name.  After the first was killed, the name was given to a newborn boy.  Then twenty or so years later, he was killed.  So the name was given to another newborn boy, and then, yes, he was also killed at about the same age.

Yes, it's horrible and tragic, but none of these cases are unique.  It's sad that Assaf Ramon was killed, but it's no more tragic than all the other deaths.  Israel's Chanel One had a panel of bereaved asked whether or not children whose families have suffered death should be allowed to serve in the army in frontline positions.  Luckily the students who spoke were more patriotic, looking forward to the challenge of serving our country, even if it means risking their lives.

I have no doubt that all the publicity is just putting more pressure on the surving Ramon kids.

HaMakom y'Nachem...
May G-d comfort all the mourners...


Anonymous said...

this is nuts. the ramons died in service of the country. father died representing the country and the jewish people proudly, and son seemed to have been on the same course. dying young of cancer, while tragic, is not a national tragedy.

Batya said...

I'm referring to the press here about it. They aren't concentrating on great idealism and patriotism, far from it. They are concentrating on the personal and that bereaved families shouldn't be allowed to risk more members in front-line positions.

Keep your "nuts," and read more carefully.