Friday, September 4, 2009

Today's Blogs Can Compete With TV News!

Nowadays, I'm not the only one who walks around with a still/video camera on me.  That's because, any decent or even minimal digital camera can do both.  And a lot of people use their computers for viewing television.

I've often explained my love of blogging as a way to be the journalist I've dreamt of being.  Here, I'm the editor, publisher and do most of the writing.  I'm lucky that I have some super-talented people who've agreed to post on this blog in addition.

Why should I make do with just calling this a "magazine?"  I can also add videos.

These possible crimes were filmed by yours truly.  The Jerusalem Municipality did a whole PR campaign last March, but obviously, from the videos above, it was a wash out.

I can produce newscasts with video more cheaply than the big American news shows, but obviously they still have more viewers.  They're struggling according to their standards and norms.

Not even traveling from home, I can provide education and human interest.

And now back to the kitchen to cook, clean and I also have teacher work to do.

Shabbat Shalom


Keli Ata said...

I couldn't agree more! Spot news/crime reporting of people violating water conservation laws; human interest with the snake story; and slice of life with the videos on your You Tube channel.

Blog news reporting offers many advantages over traditional print and broadcast news: primarily, the reporter has total control over the content. Believe me, even at a small community newspaper politics and biases come to play, putting the kabash on many news worthy stories.

Also, I've noticed that the daily regional newspaper has started to provide video coverage of events--brief video clips, photo galleries, and video slide shows for their online readers.

Print newspapers are dying.

The flaw in broadcast news is that it's very brief. Most stories range from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. The print media offers expanded coverage to put stories into broader context but for the most part do not provide the video coverage most people want.

Another wonderful advantage of blog reporting--the editor/reporter/videographercommunicates with the reader.

Letters to the editor at newspapers are edited for length and content.

That's one thing newspapers and TV reporting hasn't been able to replicate--direct feedback from the reporter.

You are a reporter.


OT: I love the video of the musicians playing music for the kallah on your You Tube Channel:) That was so beautiful! And I loved the way they had the chair for the bride covered in white satin and the white satin runner covered with red roses on either side.

These are images of Israel I just can't get anywhere else so thank you!

Keli Ata said...

For those who haven't explored the video function on their digital cameras--you can indeed get both still photos and video with audio from your little digital cameras.

Mine was less than $100 and I get really good, high resolution stills and good video/audio. On You Tube if you click HQ the quality improves.

Much to my delight using a memory card for about $20 I can now take thousands of still photos and up to three hours of video (normally I take between 20 seconds to three minutes, consistent with most TV broadcasts).

I love just clipping my camera to my purse.

I enjoy the versatility of the digital/video camera that I have since I can take both still and video sans the bulkiness of a camcorder.

Batya said...

Thanks keli. the only problem with the electric news is that we can't watch/read on Shabbat!