Saturday, September 26, 2009

Succot in Shiloh, Like in The Days of Elkana and Chana

There's lots more planned for this Succot at Tel Shiloh:
“Shiloh Shel Kedem” Succot Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday of Hol Hamoed October 6-7 from 10:00-17:00

At the site of Tel Shiloh there will be a Biblical street with ancient craft workshops, guided tours including street theater.  There will also be horseback riding, food stands with Succot, and a café/gift shop on location.

This year the Fair will also encompass the Eastern side of the Shiloh region with Safari tours to get acquainted with the area, jeep tours, Rangers, tastings at the Meshek Ahiya Olive Oil Press and the Shiloh Winery.  Guided bike tours will be leaving from the community of Kida, northeast of Shiloh, just west of the Alon Road.

Each visiting vehicle will receive a detailed map of all the options available.

Entry is NIS100 per family and NIS25 per person.  For more information email

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