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Sunday, September 27, 2009

In 1973, Was The U.S. Aware In Advance of The Arab Attacks on Israel?

We were already in Israel before the Yom Kippur War, 1973.  We made aliyah three years earlier.  It was Israel's most crucially dangerous war.  We were close to defeat, taken totally by surprise by simultaneous attacks by Syria in the North and Egypt in the South.

About twenty years ago, a friend, who had also been living in Israel at the time of the war, informed me that she heard from someone she trusted who had been in the American Armed Forces in Europe during the summer/fall of 1973.  He told her that suddenly, late summer, they were required to stay on base and were equipped with desert gear.  They remained so restricted until well into the Yom Kippur War, when Israel began its recovery and eventual victory.


What does this IMRA update, (based on this Hebrew article) really say?  Does it confirm my friend's story?


Anonymous said...

This is an issue of ggreat importance regarding todays U.S. led negotiations for land for peace. If the Arabs only want peace , and borders drawn back to 1967, and will accept peace then. Why in H-ll did they attack Israel in 1967? It seems as I watch the Pearl Harbor attack, as Netanyahu said, we are only drawn into defence when we are attacked;after the fact; though we know beforehand the danger growing. Radical Islam will attack whenever and whoever gets in thier way. They; the followers of Allah, not Yahweh, accept the G-d of Abraham , and Ishmael,and say Abraham laid his alter on the black rock of Kaba; G-d is Sovereign. He chose Abraham and Issac instead and Abraham rested and layed his alter at Mamre to G-d. I have studied the Quran to know the enemy we face. They claim to accept the Torah, Psalms, and the 4 Gospels, but state ; they have been tahrif; meaning corrupted. It is so clevely deceiving; many men believe it, and it is now the fastest growing religion in the world. Like it or not ; the little horn of daniel is at your doorstep, and the beast has a agenda of destruction for both Jews , and Christians. Little means it is not a leader of the U.N.,E.U., but a small faction that grows poerfully suddenly by demonic power; Perhaps like Iran; being only 15% of the Muslims[Shiite], but yet the strongest Islamic regime in the world? They propose to conquer and change the worlds calendar[354-355 days per year], by using the moons lunar calendar calculation[starting at day1=644 AD: instead of the more advanced solar calendars Israel, and the U.S. use today[365.25 days]. This would eliminate Saturday sabbath, Sunday Christian worship, and Thursday Hindu worship; of course leaving Friday Islamic worship intact[Daniel 7:25,12:7][Revelation 12:14]. We are in the eye of the storm!When you hear peace;shalvah; then shall come sudden destruction, but of course we both know Israel shall never cease to exist!Jeremiah31:37 Shalom. Please keep my email safe. There is much to say my friends!

Batya said...

Robert, simply put, the Arabs want Israel/Jews dead and gone. Actually so does much or most of the world. That's the reason for the silence and cooperation with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

muse, We both know Islam wants Israel destroyed[the only agenda], and any Christians that believe your Torah, and the G-d of Isaac destroyed as well, else they would have to deny thier god! Whether we agree or not, there is a much greater threat to Israel then tee shirted Jesus freaks dancing around the streets. We stand upon Ezekial 38-39. I beleive soon ; There will not be a disagreement who the Messiah is!, and it's not the Mahdi!of Islam. It's strange how the Sunni's say ,the Shiites give them a bad name , but yet Osama bin Laden is sunni!

Unknown said...

I remember articles, in the years since 1973, stating that there were people (within the CIA) who tried to warn both the U.S. and Israeli governments and were ignored because "the Mossad knows best". This is only from memory but it could have been Mossad agents trying to get a warning out and being ignored by higher ups (and trying an end around via the CIA) also.

A google search using the keywords

Mossad warned of 1973 Yom Kippur War

I have no idea how accurate these quotes are, so thake them with a grain (or barrel) of aslt.

3,950 results for "Mossad warned of 1973 Yom Kippur War".

for example





Unknown said...


Note the date of this article

The Man Who Predicted The Yom Kippur War

Posted Oct 08 2008
The Man Who Predicted The Yom Kippur War , Dr. Paul Kengor

On October 6, 1973, the Egyptian army pulled off a devastating attack on Israel - payback for the Arab defeat in the Six Day War of June 1967. This week marks the 35th anniversary of that attack, which came as a surprise to almost everyone.

Among the few who suspected there was something seriously amiss was a U.S. Air Force officer named Earl Tilford, today a fellow at the Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, who recently retired from full-time faculty service to return to his native Alabama.

Early in October 1973, Captain Tilford sounded the alarm - but what was the reaction?

Dr. Tilford, who has contributed several op-ed columns to The Jewish Press, recently shared the story - heretofore unreported - with Dr. Paul Kengor, a professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of the Center for Vision & Values.

Dr. Kengor has also had a number of articles appear in The Jewish Press, including the March 23, 2007 front-page essay "The Liberator: Ronald Reagan and Soviet Jewry."

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d [Jeremiah 31:37]All men shall fail, but G-d shall never fail! Israel shall never be removed again,[maybe shaken] but all Nations shall one day bow, and say;Surely Israel ;The chosen of G-d. The G-d of Isaac and Jacob is Omnipotent!and eternal peace one day we shall live in! Shalom

Batya said...

After Pollard was arrested, someone who had worked in American Defense/Intelligence said that he saw documents proving that America was aware and hid the proof from Israel. He was tempted to "pull a J Pollard" but didn't. Instead he soon after left his job and moved to Israel.

Anonymous said...

I feel Israel is really faced with a 3 fold crisis. Iran; If Israel attacks, who knows if they can succesfully destroy all the nuclear sites, and then you deal with the retalliation of Hamas ,Arab Emmirates, and Hezbollah and who knows what Sadam hussein smuggled into Syria /Damascas before Sadam was removed! Then you have the shipping lanes that Iran holds as blackmail, that would send the already economically strained world into an oil crisis, turning the whole world looking at Israel as the perpetrator of a global meltdown. It seems the prophesy of Ezekial is going downhill like a snowball getting bigger and rolling faster the farther it goes! I trust in your G-d , and His Covenant;He shall be your only defense! He shall never fail you! I will always pray for you! In the name of the G-d of Israel. The beast is rising!We were asked for prayer for rain, and we prayed, as it hadn't rained for months. The next day or so it rained 6 inches , and snowed on Israel. I Know He hears all of those united for Israel ;To believe as you would believe with no change or conditions, just Love! Shalom

Batya said...

Robert, Iran is the world's problem, not specifically Israel's.

Of course it hasn't rained here for six months. It never rains in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Robert, Iran is the world's problem, not specifically Israel's.

Of course it hasn't rained here for six months. It never rains in the summer.

Absolutely! I beleive Iran will play it's hand as Sadam did thinking it will bring the Mahdi! They are correct, but it will be at thier own lives, and destruction, as I believe though econommically weakened; The U.S.militarily is strong; will aid Israel,[maybe] although Israel is much stronger than anyone knows!, and Syria will get some arrows,[nuclear] and Iran defeated, leaving a hole once again of leadership in the Middle East, and guess what's left? Iraq; Mystery Babylon. I believe will be Shiitte,[Zechariah 5;5-11] as the U.S. pulls out, and temporary Peace restored with the New Peaceful[So he will seem]beware! leader in charge of Babylon, as Israel will be forced to agreements[alredy happenning today in the news, to loosen the borders of Gaza. The U.S. is imploding from within, and will fall into the [E.U.] Round 3;Israel will stand alone forced into more land for peace agreements]Actually; not alone; with the G-d of Israel} Do you want us to pray for rain?