Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mad Dogs and Messianics

Posted by Jewish Israel

Evangelical lawyer accuses Jewish rights groups of Gestapo tactics:

In this recent enewsletter outrage, Chief Counsel Calev Myers of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice accuses Jewish religious rights activists and rabbis of promoting “an agenda of religious-ethnic cleansing” and employing tactics “eerily similar to methods employed by the KGB and the Gestapo".

In a stunning and disturbing rant, Myers uses democratic doublespeak as a cover for his passion for christ. According to Myers, it is “a clear aberration of individual rights typically granted within a democratic system,”if a rabbi tries to question and determine whether or not potential converts to Judaism retain a belief in Jesus, or whether those with missionary intent fraudulently went through the conversion process.

Professor Richard Landes, a master at uncovering “the deceits of history” and modern journalism, describes the article entitled "Conversion and the Religious Gestapo" as “an appalling piece of hate speech which invokes democratic values, but really reflects a megalomanic paranoia that assumes that one's own motives and efforts are immaculate..."

Meanwhile, Pat Robertson’s pride and joy, Jay Sekulow of “Jews for Jesus” and ACLJ fame, has opened up a branch office in Jerusalem to fight “religious persecution”. Calev Myers sees Sekulow as his mentor, and we can now anticipate this very zealous dynamic duo’s upcoming efforts to persecute , oppress, and suppress the Torah observant community in the name of “religious freedom” and Jesus…more at Jewish Israel

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