Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Borders, Not So Simple

I love the irony...
The United States is promoting an impossible border between Israel and a new Arab terror state they want to call Palestine.  They are marketing it as the "two state solution," insisting that it wouldn't endanger Israel.  The establishment of such a country is top priority for U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

I got a real kick out this New York Times article which expounds on the technical and financial problems the United States is having building a border, some sort of wall, barrier, between itself and Mexico.  Mexico isn't threatening to attack or destroy the United States.  The U.S. just wants to keep Mexicans out.  Illegal immigrants are very undesirable.

If the United States can't find a way to wall out Mexicans, how are we supposed to keep out the terrorists?


Keli Ata said...

The US wants and indeed needs firming borders with Mexico because of all the drug-related violence and kidnappings and even murders of so many foreigners the last couple of years.

But believe it or not, liberals want to let illegal aliens from Mexico to sneak into the country and then be given US citizenship. Citizenship when their first act upon entering the US is to break the law by entering illegally in the first place.

Further, the US cannot even do criminal background checks on these illegal immigrants. Liberals want to allow these illegal immigrants into the US without blinking an eye and give them all sorts of social services.

But what really galls me is that the largest and most peaceful border the US has from east to west is with Canada. But now the US government requires all Americans who visit Canada (even for a day trip to the beach, mall, restaurant etc) to have enhanced driver's licenses or passports.

No passport, no re-entry into the US! The Canadian border is suddenly "dangerous" yet the truly dangerous Mexican border is virtually open to any criminal who wants to come to the US illegally.

Crazy, isn't?

Just to clarify--an illegal alien from Mexico would have an easier time getting into the US than me, an American citizen, would have getting back into the US after shopping at the Eaton Centre in Toronto or going to dinner in Fort Erie.

So much for the intelligence of "Homeland Security" lol.

But these are the same clowns who said it was their job to patrol the Peace Bridge from Buffalo, NY to Fort Erie, Ontario but not the water under the bridge.

Israel shouldn't take any advice from the US on border management since the US is so messed up when it comes to our own borders.

Thanks for letting me rant:)

Batya said...

Keli, thanks for the added info. As an American you know more of what's going on there.