Monday, April 13, 2009

Israel, Be Prepared For The Obamas' New America

Don't forget. America voted for "change" and they got it.
  • We got it.
  • The world got it.
The Obamas just returned from any amazingly successful debut in Europe as the "First Couple" of the United States. Europe has fallen in love with them.

Watch out, never relax vigilance. So, you thought that America wasn't attending Durban 2... Don't be so sure. It looks like Obama has changed his mind.

At the sme time, or back at the ranch, Arab terrorist orgnization, Hamas, has become more accepted by most countries. Also, while israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's appointment is critized, foreign diplomats are visiting Hamas leaders. Should I use the "H" word, hypocrisy?

Israel seems oblivious to the fact that nothing has changed in Eruope since the 1930's. And nothing has really changed since then in America, either.

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