Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not Everything's In The Newspapers

Maybe for Israelis living in other parts of the country, this isn't newsworthy, but I think it should be.

Some friends were invited to a party in Jerusalem. It was in Ir David, near the Old City. They went by car and parked the car near the entrance.

After the party, they found their car seriously damaged, almost unrecognizable. The Arabs in that area had tried to break into the car. Yes, they parked it in an Arab neighborhood, so they knew that only Arabs could have done it. Theirs is a bullet-proofed car. Because of those special windows, the thieves couldn't get in to try to jump-start the car.

And these friends were the lucky ones. Other Jewish cars parked in the same area weren't found after the party. Yes, they were stolen. Of course it was all reported to the local police, the Israeli Jerusalem Police. Not that it will do any good.

There's a sign by the "exit" from Jerusalem at Hizme, reminding people not the leave their cars in the PA (Pseudisitinian Authority.)

There used to be a popular American sitcom, "Who's the Boss?" The situation in Jerusalem is no joke. There's anarchy. With all the talk of a united Jerusalem, what's the truth? Law isn't enforced in Arab populated areas. It's that simple.

Because of the constant pressure on Israel, and Israel's dangerously weak politicians and Left wing media, the Arabs consider it in their best interest to support the terrorists.

It was so much safer here in Israel... before all the peace broke out like malaria.

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