Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rebranding Michelle Obama

At one point in their campaign for the United States Presidency, Michelle Obama almost lost it for Barack, when it was revealed that she had stated that it was the first time she was proud to be an American.

Michelle has rebranded herself from resentful Black Power to strikingly fashionable domestic goddess. She was a successful lawyer before her husband.
Michelle, who like other political wives such as Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards, Eleanor McGovern etc, is no dumbbell and probably a lot smarter than her husband. Her taking control of her image is impressive and highly professional. I don't think that anyone doubts her influence over her husband, but she's more subtle and discreet about it than Hillary was.
The big question is about her future. Will she branch out later to establish her own political career?


Anonymous said...

When was she ever the "angry black woman," the MEDIA and the GOP gave her the name, not that that is who she was, you really should change that characterization.

More, she never came close to "losing" the campaign for Obama, yes, the media ginned that whole thing up, but she never came close to losing anything for anybody.

Stop feeding into these ridiculous stories!!!

Keli Ata said...

Michelle Obama and her husband both attended the afro-centric church in Chicago. Racist Jeremiah Wright who made the infamous "god damn America" speech was her pastor too.

She had no qualms in letting Wright be the godfather of her two little girls. A godparent in Christianity is supposed to instill spiritual values in their godchildren. Michelle had no problem with Wright being the spiritual father of her kids.

Michelle said publicly that she didn't feel pride in being an American until Barack did well during the campaign.

I don't care how many sleeveless dresses and pearl necklaces Michelle wears. Nor do I care how often she appears in Vogue or on the cover of Essence magazine.

Michelle O will never have even an ounce of the class and dignity Jackie O had, whom Michelle constantly tries to mimic.

And as an aside--her posture is horrendous! I know the argument is that she's self-conscious about her height. It's BS. Princess Diana was very tall and had perfect posture and looked very much like the princess she was.

Final thought--John McCain and his wife would kiss each other on the cheek. The Obamas did the thuggish knock knuckles things.

Batya said...

a, I report from here in Israel. I guess you see things differently.

keli, I guess things aren't all that different where you are.

Anonymous said...

Shiloh Musings: Michelle has rebranded herself from resentful Black Power to strikingly fashionable domestic goddess.

Wow someone who doesn't have a clue what he/she is talking about is repeating the Faux News meme.

But anywho no one cares what you think because you aren't an American citizen and you can't vote bu bye

Batya said...

a, I hate to break it to you, but I am an American citizen with full voting rights. I was born and educated in the USA.

Check your facts before you make statements about others.

Mrs. Obama is intelligent; I never wrote otherwise. Her rebranding is interesting to observe.