Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missionary Christians Hijack Passover

The recent controversy over Christian Missionary Passover Haggadot, being sold as genuine traditional Jewish ones in large American chain stores isn't the only example of Christian Missionary material masquerading as Jewish.

Mina Fenton, formerly of the Jerusalem City Council, sent me this youtube of the traditional Passover song, "Dayenu." At first it seems genuinely Jewish, but by the end you'll see that it is Christian Missionary doctrine propaganda. It's not the Pesach song we sing at the table. Theirs has a very different message. And please remember that singing in Hebrew doesn't guarantee that it's Jewish.

Christian Missionary groups all over the world, including Israel, are adopting Jewish symbols, even wearing kippot and tzitzit, promoting Passover seders etc. It's no longer just enough to check the "culinary kashrut." Now you have to see who the publisher and eiditor are, where exactly everything comes from. That adds another slant to the concept of "shmura matzah."

Beware and report all misleading advertising. Not everything that appears to be Jewish really is.

I debated whether posting this video, but in the end I am, just to show you how slick and professional the Christian Missionaries are. At least this group labeled their song Christian. I'm very upset and disappointed to say that I wasted well over a half an hour trying to find a traditional Jewish Dayenu on youtube and wejew. It's easier to find Christian versions. I couldn't find anything as professional. So, I'll end with the rousing Dayenu from the Seder at Kibbutz Naan. Those who know Hebrew will notice that it's not 100% traditional either. At least it's Israeli.


Anonymous said...

Not all Christians who enjoy the Jewish aspects of Christianity are "missionaries" or evangelical. There are specific sects of Christianity like Jews for Jesus that persue Jewish people for conversion, but most Christians who like to have seders (that are not Jewish seders, more like Hebrew Christian or Christiani-zed seders) are just appreciating how Judiasm formed their religion. Be careful not to paint all with the same brush. The average everyday Christian doesn't know that Jesus was Jewish and once they learn it they are fascinated with Judiasm, not interested in converting Jews.

Batya said...

a, I can understand that. But things must be labeled and marketed properly.

rd said...

first, batya:
thank you and yasher koach for posting the large seder singing dayenu. it really is a great chizuk!!!

second, to anon: you have a lot to learn. xns have been distorting the jewish people, our culture, our torah, G-d forbid, for 2000 years. we even have a special blessing for the original xns we say everyday. it's against heretics!!!!!

yep, we don't trust you, not one iota. your blather about xn seders shows us how insensitive, arrogant and what your real agenda is.

you can't hide your distortion, aberration and evil agenda.

your 'love' is nothing but avodah zarah--idolatry disguised as something else.

there may be some xns w/o the agenda...but most of them have it either actively or passively.

where, oh where are all the non-agenda xns fighting the missionary blitz that's hitting america and israel? hmmmm?

see? you are full of shiz.
full of it.

do us all a favor and don't read this blog, stay away from israel and stay the hell away from jewish people.

do i hate you? yes.

stay the f-- away.

Anonymous said...

First off, RD, I'm not a Christian but I do have Christian friends as I have friends of many religions. It's become important in my life to understand as many people as possible because after I became a mother the silly idea of peace became more important than feeling righteous or superior than others. There are Christian missionaries who go after Jewish people in deceptive, horrible ways. They are a loud minority. Most Christians don't even know what to do with Judiasm and stay away from it, the ones interested in Judiasm play with it in their own context and are not evangelical.

The highest extent to which Christians with an interest in Judaism/Jews show their involvement is through putting money into organizations like nefesh b'nefesh because they believe it will help bring on "the end of days." George W. Bush was one of those Christians. That group of Christians sees Judaism and Israel as a means to bringing on their own religious goals and, whether it is altruistic or not, it usually appears in the form of support.

Before you go around cursing and throwing around negative names and you should take a minute to breathe and think.

Anonymous said...

Batya- I agree that those videos should be labeled and marketed properly. I've almost made online purchases for yom tov that turned out to be Christian- a haggadah last year- for example. When I saw it was Christian I didn't become angry as I know that some churches have seders because they are trying to reconnect with Judaism in the same way that African Americans used to wear traditional African print in the 80s as a way to reconnect with Africa, a place they'd never known.

I just think it's important to distinguish between people meaning to mislead and people leading their own lives.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Anonymous, you should Google Ellen Horowitz and read what she has to say about missionaries and other Xtians. She has done an impressive amount of extensive research. Also the "end of days" to which you referred is, to a Xtian, the return of "Jesus the Messiah". After the founding of the State of Israel and winning seven wars the Xtians could no longer claim that G-d was forsaking the Jews so they had to change their story. Now they claim that the J-man will return only after all Jews have returned to Israel.
"That group of Christians sees Judaism and Israel as a means to bringing on their own religious goals and, whether it is altruistic or not, it usually appears in the form of support." In other words, the best of the Xtians have only their own goals in mind when they "help" Jews. The goals of Xtianity are not compatible with the goals of Judaism so we should stay far, far away from this "support" that only harms us.

Batya said...

First, thanks, Hadassa for answering the comments well.

Now, in general
The major "mislabeling" is Christianity's claim that they are the "next stage" of Judaism. That isn't true, since they go blatantly against G-d's Torah.

That's it in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Uri, I completely agree with what you said. Many evangelicals believe that when all Jews return to Israel it will bring on the next stage of their religion- that is why many aliyah organization are supported by Christians.

Batya, I don't consider Christianity the next "stage" of Judaism in least. I'm speaking from their perspective.

My bottom line point is to not confuse a horrible minority for the majority. Most evangelical missionaries think more about Africa & China than Jews.

Anonymous said...

Uri, I'll look up Ellen Horowitz- sounds interesting! This topic fascinates me.

rd said...

to anon:
methinks you have drunk a little too much kool-aide. the xns are not our friends. they have an agenda.
are there some xns who actually know how to respect jews? yes, some.
but who the heck do you think funds these large missionary organzaztions?? what do you think they write in their american and world 'bapist' publications? show on their t.v. shows etc?
you need to wake up. you have a clear misunderstanding of 'am segulah'. go to a religious jew and ask for correct information. we are intended to be a nation of kohanim, which means 'ministers/priests' to serve H' and all mankind in the teaching of torah. we are not 'superior'. we have a specific work to do. H' offered the torah to the gentiles but they rejected it.
you need to really re-examine your language and your thoughts:
"most xns"???
"hebrew xn, xnized seders"????
"just appreciating judaism"????
"average everyday xn"????

there are some xns who are willing to learn, some who will become bnei noach. some who will simply out of respect leave the jews alone. but if you think your assessment of 'most' is accurate you are surely mistaken.
the missionary crisis is real in america and israel. and people like you who take it 'lightly' are part of the problem.
i don't hate individual xns. i have good friends who are xn.
i hate the agenda and i hate those who perpetuate it. i have NO patience for the bastards who want to 'love' us to death. take your love and shove it.

rd said...

hey anon...
bet you voted for obama, didn't you?
yep, bet you want to sing "all we are say-ing, is give peace a chance"?

newsflash! we ain't buying that b.s.

someone needs to stand up to xns and people like you, whatever you are, and say "Hell NO!!!!" ... we ain't takin' the xn agenda no matter how they package it.

what xns need to hear is the fire of jews who won't take their crap. not for one second.

otherwise these manipulative jew-soul hating bastards will do all they can. why? because they see their 'mission' as from Gd, chas v'shalom.

they have religious fervor in their hateful distortion.

they are the spiritual jihad, people.

what islam wants to do physically the xns want to do spiritually.

ask they think there will be any yids around in the end of days? haha, no they don't.

anon, you are brimming with b.s.
and it's time you woke up.

awww, but you'll have to give up your distorted little dreams, won't you?

too bad.

better the light of truth stands than your jewicidal sing-song.

Ellen said...

I see my name is mentioned, so just a little clarification. Forgive the repetition, but I want to be very clear.

I think it's crucial that everyone understand that Christianity is a missionary religion by nature, because "spreading the gospel" is seen as a religious obligation.

In this past year alone you will find a number of declarations from Catholic, Anglican, and Evangelical leadership calling for increased efforts and campaigns to convert people to Christianity. HOWEVER, there are many practicing Christians who no longer make conversion a priority. They strive to live good, moral lives and do good works.

Those Christian groups who are most active in Israel and within the Diaspora Jewish community at this time identify themselves as evangelicals. Evangelism by definition is any religious activity with an emphasis on encouraging others to accept jesus as lord and savior.

Evangelicals are fervent about spreading Christianity "to the Jew first" and getting a foothold in Israel - even by use of deceptive means (i.e,identifying themselves as "messianic Jews")

Jews for Jesus and churches and congregations identifying themselves as messianic are evangelical, as are the Baptists and many other non-denominational churches.

Evangelical activities are not necessarily aggressive. And subtle missionary activity can be a part of charitable and humanitiarian work ("love offerings" and "blessings"), and political activism on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.

Whether the term being used is "proselytizing; missionizing; witnessing; outreach; preaching or sharing the gospel; fulfilling the great commission; harvesting, fishing, spreading the word - it is all serves the purpose of communicating the idea that people need to be converted and telling them how they can be.

I think to avert any confusion as to the "good works" of "Christian Zionists", it is very helpful to watch a very brief YOUTUBE video of Gavriel Sanders - an evangelical who converted to Judaism. Be sure to listen 1 minute into the tape.

But that being said, there are certainly upstanding Righteous Gentiles who love Israel and the Jewish people,and who take a moral stand with us - without a deceptive agenda. Most of these people are considerate enough to refer to themselves as "Gentiles" when in the presence of Jews, and do not emphasize their "Christianity"

It is essential to remember that for the Jew, Christianity (the belief in Jesus as lord and savior) is an irrefutable form of idolatry (Avodah Zarah - "strange worship"- is a more accurate term),
and that the prohibition against and rejection of idolatry is at the very core of Judaism.

The missionary problem we are facing is a Jewish one - as it is our responsibilty to strengthen ourselves against this threat and combat it via responsible action, like counter missionary legislation, clear rabbinic guidelines and education.

I don't suggest christian bashing as an effective or helpful strategy.

rd said...

thanks ellen. your comments are informative.

i don't consider what i wrote as xn bashing. what i wrote is the truth.

many xns need to have it slung at them cold and hard. i don't know about you, but i've been dealing with their crap for a long time.

when people talk about making nice-nice all the time, i figure that they haven't had to deal with the seriousness of it up close and personal over a long period.

i have no problem being friendly with xns who i can ascertain as clearly non-agenda.

but, you must admit, these folks are far far fewer in number.

i think my approach is a necessary addition to what you say, although i understand why you and others wouldn't admit it.

i want the missionaries to feel the fear in their bones. i want them to be scaird shi--less to try to talk to any jew about their agenda.

i want them to quake with awe at the Gd of Israel.


perhaps you don't realize...just like the muslims consider 'talking'to be a sign of weakness...the missionaries consider balanced dialogue etc to be the same from their point of view.

i am not advocating violence towards xns who missionize.not at all. but i am advocating fierce, strong language and a total no bullsh-t attitude toward all of these people. these are people who are building institutions in jerusalem!!!!

their agenda is insidious and it is after jewish souls, chas v'shalom.

you don't make nice with such people.

talk to jewsforjudaism, tovia singer etc...and they'll tell you that different approaches are needed.

ps said...

i reread my comments. i dont' think they are xn bashing. i think they sound like a jew who has had enough of this bullsh-t.

if more jews took the attitude that i express, more of the missionaries would think twice or more about approaching jews.

think about that.

this is a spiritual war.

you don't fight a war like this by talking nice.

if i ever see someone trying to talk to a jew to sway him, Gd forbid, i will step in and use everything i have, except for physical force, to stop them.

that includes raising my voice and intimidating them. i want them to feel so terrible and so scaird and so afraid that they'll NEVER EVER consider trying that again with a precious jewish soul.

ellen, and the rest of the readers, if you are against that, then you need to rethink your entire view.

Ellen said...

I think missionary activity is very provacative - especially in Israel - and deserves the strongest Jewish response possible. It should be banned. Period.

But until we get there, an appropriate "Jewish response"(and I don't mean "nice") would be for us to answer Hashem's challenge by beating a "smooth-talking" , hypocritical Esau with our own brand of hardhitting, brutally honest, but refined language,presentation,law and action.

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for handling it.

rd said...

no one is saying that your approach is wrong. however, i'm sure people are doing that now even though more needs to be done. and, yes, it needs to be banned.
i think they should send all the missionaries to gaza.
but, have you considered the effect of your approach???
what is happening? the problem is growing.
what would happen if all over the missionary world the word was out that "hey, these jews get real angry and heated every time they see us talking to someone".
what happens then? do they get heated back? i don't think so.
the effect will be that they are discouraged, scaird, daunted.
and jewish people will learn how to stand up for what is right.
in some cases the 'diplomatic' approach just doesn't work.
how do you reconcile 'hard-hitting' with 'refined'?
are you saying that i'm advocating vulgar thuggish behavior?
no, i'm saying we have to be very forceful and not necessarily refined. 'refined'? what if we don't want to be refined with these people? they deserve refined?
we don't have the right to be forceful and strong with them?
if we are always 'refined' as you say...they simply go back to their sponsors and their sponsors think of new ways to approach jews.
but if we give them the fire of our rage at 2000 years of bloodshed and zero-tolerance for even one word spoken to a jewish soul; they will think more than twice about trying to talk to a jew.
i'm not advocating violence, as i said before. but i am advocating the use of verbal force. which, in this case is merited and totally appropriate.
obviously, ellen, you have never been seriously accosted by these bastards.

Ellen said...

"how do you reconcile 'hard-hitting' with 'refined'?"

Beautiful question. And there's a uniquely Jewish answer and approach.
Ya'acov used it when confronting Lavan, Yehudah used the approach when confronting the Egyptian grand vizier (Yosef), and Nachamanidies used it in a famous disputation in Barcelona. This is an ideal that Jews strive for.

BTW, I certainly have been approached by missionaries in the past. I can't say I was ever "accosted". But I find it to be a huge affront, and I know that very spiritually sensitive people find the experience to be highly distressing.

There are certainly other answers and methods besides mine.

rd said...

thank you. i appreciate your acknowledging the truth. there must be different approaches.
there are other examples in our history when stronger approaches were taken. even when violence was used (which i don't advocate) against people who tried to pull us to avodah zara.
my main thought is this: if all jews took a strong stance every time they saw this happening. a zero-tolerance stance because they realize the preciousness of a jewish soul that they must guard.... and they give these bastards (and that's a polite term) some fire then the word will get around that, "hey, these jews aren't just letting us talk to people, they get all angry and's kinda scary".
which is exactly what we want.
there are some people who only understand force.
this is the problem with israel's gov't and many american jews. they think they can just 'talk' to the jihadis; when, infact, the only thing they understand is force.
we have to protect ourselves. with missionaries, we must start with verbal force. then, if it means pulling someone away or pushing someone away, hopefully the law will be with us; but it can get tricky there.
it is possible to succeed with 'refined' language. but, as i said, what happens then? they go back to their sponsors and get new 'tricks' to use; however, when they feel the fire of our truth...and they are scaird, daunted etc, they will think twice or change their minds... "uh, gee, i don't think i want to do this missionary thing anymore...".

rd said...

ps... the 'fire' doesn't have to be loud, either. a very forceful stare and tone which says 'back the hell off,now!' can work well too.

i understand that there can be problems with 'verbal force'... but we must consider this: how effective are our current strategies? certainly, we must try to get the law on our side: that proselytizing is a crime. but that could be hard to prove.

i envision when jews as a whole will 'take no stuff' from xns, missionaries etc. and the same goes for the jihadis...if we would've 'finished' the work in gaza as well as in lebanon in 06, it would be a different world.

unfortunately, the truth of this world is that sometimes you have to stand up with force.

when you described yaacov and yehuda, you are also speaking of tzadikim on the highest level.

"soul force" koach shel neshama is the best way. this is by making jews strong enough to not even be vulnerable to these wackos.

i support that 1000%.

as we appear to agree, there have to be different approaches.

rd said...

you should know that i have been:

1.accosted, unrelentingly by missionaries. i had to holler at them to go away and threaten to kick their butts. this has happenned several times in my life. as an adult and as a kid.

2. when trying to tell them to lay off a yid, they ignored me and had to push them away, and pull the yid to safety.

i have no qualms about pushing these bastards off. hard. and if they happen to bounce off a wall. fine.

we have to think like the spiritual IDF. sometimes, you can't just 'talk' to people..the stakes are too high.

these bastards have so much disgusting chutzpah...look at their campaigns!!! we also need a powerful legal force to litigate them out of business.

i recall a few years ago a 'behold your gd' campaign on billboards in the usa. jewsforjudaism was fighting mightily to stop them. they had gotten shoah survivors to appear on these ads!!!

to me, this is war, and i ain't takin' no stuff of any gdamn missionaries, period. they come at me or any yid i see, they'll be very sorry. that's the point: so they won't do it again.

we have to show strength here just as we do in our physical battles with the jihad.

it's our survival, and we are commanded, literally, to do our part.
look at what david hamelech says in tehilim. he makes me look soft.

i'll go with david anytime.

and you should too.