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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You're on the Internet; Big Brother's watching you!

We don't have all that much privacy on the internet, and I'm not just referring to the "cookies" various programs embed into our computers.

When I check to see how many people visited my blogs, I'm totally amazed at all of the information available to me. I really don't care which internet provider you use or your screen resolution. I'm more curious about the "referrer," how you got to my blog. If I see that another blog or site referred a number of visitors, I visit them, and if I discover that someone mentioned my blog, I try to thank them in their comment section.

That's the innocent use of all this data. Apparently in totalitarian regimes, it's not so easygoing.

Police in China's capital said Tuesday they will start patrolling the Web using animated beat officers that pop up on a user's browser and walk, bike or drive across the screen warning them to stay away from illegal Internet content. click here for entire article
I just wonder. Whose blogs be on their banned list?