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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let's UNinvite the UN!

The United Nations is doing its best to endanger Israel by sending a team to change the border with Lebanon.
The defense establishment is fiercely opposed to a United Nations initiative to redraw Israel's border with Lebanon and ultimately revoke Israeli sovereignty over the Shaba Farms.
Why doesn't Israel just tell them not to come?


Anonymous said...

it is that simple. There are so many times when we can 'just say no'. But our wimpy governments have A) bad advisors, B) the typical Israeli inferiority complex to the goy, C) still think that pandering to the goy will get them to accepts us as equals, D) an almost complete lack of international cultural understanding (proven last year when the world gave us carte blanche to clean up Lebanon and we waffled on the border (including me).

Every morning in Shema, we read about hashem bringing us from the four corners of the world and 'shetolichenu kommemiut' - that we should become proud again to be Jews.

Batya said...


Anonymous said...

i complained about the use of the racist word goy, and you censure it? Is this what Israel is about?

Batya said...

"Goy" is not a "racist word," certainly not in the context it was written in the comment. Nothing negative was written about "goyim," its plural.

I'm sorry, but I felt that your "rant" was out of place.