Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rather Ironic

I have something good from Ehud Barak and bad from Bibi Netanyahu.

I must admit that I agree with something Barak said:
Barak: No Difference Between Fatah and Hamas

But I disagree with everything else he says.

With Bibi it's more complicated and more dangerous. If you haven't yet read the big feature in this Friday's Jerusalem Post, click.

It strengthened my decision to vote for Feiglin in the Likud Primaries, and that's not a vote "in favor of Feiglin." Do you follow?

I see Danny Danon, who looks like his face has been "altered," as someone running for the establishment to damage Feiglin. I disagree with his slogan. I don't think that a second right wing candidate, Danon, would make Bibi go to the right. Bibi is going further to the left, since his approach is to campaign as if he's running for Prime Minister. He doesn't want the Likud to look too right wing.

Bibi envisions the Likud and himself as centrist, even center-left, because that's what he thinks "most people" want. And he wants their votes, because he wants to be elected.

Bibi is in favor of the fence, which divides the country and doesn't promote security. He just wants to change the route here and there, a bissel.

Bibi is willing to give the Arabs more land and sovereignty, under specific conditions. He is not against giving them more, as long as they make the right promises.

If you read Bibi's statements and interviews you'll see very little difference between him and the Labor and Kadima Parties. The only difference is in the styles. We have another example of the "You can't be just a little bit Pregnant" Principle.

Remember, the fence, no matter what the route, strangles Jewish growth and de facto, if not de jure divide our land and take it away from us and abandon Jewish towns and communities.

Remember that every time Israel gives the Arabs our land, our country is weakened and Arabs use that land to murder Jews.

Bibi may be better than Barak, but I want someone much better than Bibi to lead our country, the only Jewish Country in the world, Israel.


Anonymous said...

Bibi is far more dangerous than Barak, because he does the left's bidding under the cloak of a nationalist leader, because essentially he is a salesman trying to pitch his policies in a way that the press and the ruling elites will not label him 'extremist'. During the expulsion up to 3 days before the deadline, Bibi sat in Sharon's government - and now he wants to lead the 'nationalist' public. Feiglin, although he is an 'outsider', seems to have a genuinely different world view, not just based on how much to give or not to give against Arab promises, but has captured the essence that a Jewish leader must put intrinsic Jewish values as a centre-piece of his policy. This includes preserving the land of Israel, because it is the Jewish People's inheritance, and not a bargaining chip to be negotiated away.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Well said.

Daniel said...

While I would prefer Feiglin, twice in recent history the right went down to major defeat because they refused to support their leader because he was not pure enough.
In 1992, the right abandoned Shamir giving Israel the Altalena murderer, and in 99 they abandoned Bibi and got Barak.
I'm afraid the same will happen if we see Bibi as half empty.

Batya said...

yoni, t, thanks
I just think that Feiglin isn't acting like a true national leader. I'm only supporting him within the Likud.
I think Arie Eldad is better suited.

daniel, we tried Bibi and Sharon. Look what we got.

Daniel said...

"daniel, we tried Bibi and Sharon. Look what we got. "

come now, I think you'll admit Rabin and Barak were much worse.
Besides, Bibi tried to figth the great stainmaker, but Carville and Greenberg were sent to Israel t get kapo Barak elected. I don't even think Begin woulsd have beeen able to stand up to Clinton and kapo albright.-"Gee, mom korbel doesn't sound like a Czech name"

Batya said...

Barak was the worst, but remember that Rabin's Oslo never happened. I'm still here.

Carl in Jerusalem said...


I share your fear. In 1992, when I was already living here but did not have the right to vote, my sister-in-law (who lives in a Yishuv near Batya's) stood in our kitchen on election day and debated whether to vote for Techiya or for R. Levinger's party. In the end, neither party made the minimum number of votes, and her vote ended up electing Rabin and Peres and bringing us the curse of Oslo.


Eldad is a great candidate, but unfortunately we vote for parties here in Israel and not for individuals. I would only vote for Eldad's party if I were certain that my vote would not go to waste. I don't see myself voting for NU - NRP. The NRP lost me when they supported the hitnatkut and the dismembering of Misrad HaDatot.

My hope is that enough of Feiglin's people will be elected to the national ticket as a result of today's vote so that when and if Likud wins, Bibi's tendency to play for where he sees the center will be reigned in.


It's way too bad that you are not ACTUALLY in favor of Feiglin.

You rightly place Netanyahu in the same camp, essentially, with Olmert, Barak, et al.

But do you not understand that the REAL ISSUE pertains to Israel's JEWISH CHARACTER and PURPOSE?

That being the case (indeed, it is), no one presently on the scene more genuinely represents JEWISH Israel than does Moshe Feiglin.

Maybe, Feiglin causes everyone to search his or her own heart too honestly....?

Batya said...

the problem is
that Feiglin won't have influence, because he won't play politics

He may as well blog!