Sunday, August 19, 2007

CNN's G-d's Warriors

More and more of CNN's upcoming series "G-d's Warriors" is beginning to be available on the internet.

We don't get CNN on our TV, so I won't be able to see the entire production. If you can, please report on how it turns out.

I got a kick out of the early promotional material which showed one Jew, verses the masses of Arabs. Do they see us as David vs Goliath, or some monster with super powers?

Of course it's a "given" that it won't be pro-Jewish rights to Eretz Yisrael. One of the promotional pieces has Jimmy Carter saying that the "settlements" are preventing peace. But I was pleasantly surprised by one of the sections, now available online, about Hebron.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This is what we can expect from CNN:

God’s Jewish Warriors Production Note:

This is the story of God’s Jewish Warriors, people who risk their lives – and their children's – to live in and claim what they believe is their religious birthright: East Jerusalem, with its holy Temple Mount, and the rocky hills of the West Bank, steeped in the history of patriarchs, prophets and biblical kings.

When God’s Jewish Warriors used guerilla political tactics to build a settlers movement after the 1967 Six Day War, their goal was to incorporate the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip into Israel. After 40 years, they have created situations that are difficult – maybe impossible – to change as long as religious fervor on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict stands in the way of territorial compromise.

God’s Jewish Warriors believe they are commanded to live on this biblical land and that doing so will hasten the coming of the Messiah. At their most extreme, Jewish zealots are even willing to murder in God’s name to cripple land-for-peace negotiations.

Meanwhile, the United States’ staunch support of Israel inflames much of the Muslim world and puts America in the crosshairs of jihad.

Through this episode of God’s Warriors, we cut to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a knot tied so tightly by religious “fundamentalists” that it could strangle U.S. attempts to stabilize the explosive Middle East.

Research began in September 2006 and continued through March 2007. Shooting began in February of this year and finished in June.

The production crew of God’s Jewish Warriors traveled to Israel and the West Bank, London and within the United States to Washington, D.C.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Chicago; Melbourne, Fla.; Boca Raton, Fla.; and Atlanta.

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for the info.

Segis said...

3 differences.
1. Jews RESPECT LIFE AND THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS TO BELIVE or not on whatever their wish...condems Killings of ANY nature... love to they neighbor. means respect for HUMANS and life byitself.
Never used the SWORD to impose others Jewish believes...nor made any Inquisition, or Intiffadah, nor planted or Praised TERROR...
GAVE TO HUMANITY a set of laes SIMPLE just 10... to live among CIVILIZED HUMANS...
Proof Just compare.. the a human accomplishmente sof Jews to Humankind... (science and culture) with the others GROUPS...

So... perhaps they need a sword and a BOMB to convince... Jews use only WORDS... any diffrence?

Batya said...

Did you see the program?