Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nu? What did they expect?

The Americans are moaning and ranting about the rash epidemic of suicide bombers in Iraq.

Why should they be surprised?

  • It's the Arab mentality
  • Did the Iraqis actually invite the United States armed forces into their country?

Whereas the Vietnamese used to incinerate themselves, solo, in the street as a protest tool, the Iraqis bring as many Americans and others along with them to their graves.

The United States and its allies are trying to police the Iraqis into a western democratic country. Sorry, Charlie, but it won't work. It's like trying to lose a couple of sizes with a girdle, rather than a diet, which can take a long, long time and some body-types can never be the shape of one's dreams. Much too strong and tight corsets can cause damage to internal organs.

Democracy cannot be taught by foreign forces. Outsiders, and even locals, can't legislate changes in culture and mentality. This is especially difficult when they see how the world's diplomats and media are supporting terrorism against Israeli Jews. Also with the precedence of Vietnam, the Iraqis know that it's a just a matter of time when America will flee. And then the terrorists will be even stronger. I'd wager a guess that even the rule of Saddam Hussein won't look so bad in comparison.

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