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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Two Ehuds and Their Plan for Israel's Destruction, G-d Forbid!

Recently, we've been hearing rumours and reports that "the two Ehuds," Olmert & Barak, have been negotiating with the terrorist entity whose aim is the destruction of the entire State of Israel.

First of all, forget everything else, including the fact that I live in Shiloh. Just think about it rationally. Is it wise and reasonable for one to "negotiate" with people who want you gone and dead? And remember this isn't a "personal thing" between the two Ehuds and the Arabs. This is something that seriously affects the security, viability and future of the State of Israel.

During the terrorist-plagued rule of Barak, he offered something similar, and the Arabs rejected it. Thank G-d for the fact that the Arabs gave us that chance to breathe, but what did Israel do in response? Encouraged by Olmert, Ariel Sharon (Barak's successor) announced Disengagement at the Herzliya Conference. There was no government or military debate, discussion, feasibility research, just:
We're going to destroy the Jewish Communities of Gush Katif and Northern
Shomron and hand over the territory to the PA. Any government minister who protests strongly will be fired, and it will be illegal to protest. Criminal Records and jail time for demonstrators, even children. (my words for the summary of what happened)
Sharon, as Prime Minister, wouldn't accept any discussion or debate. After becoming comatose, due to a stroke, Olmert took over. Technically, he shouldn't have been in that position, since every medical expert knew that Sharon would never again function well enough to resume office. The position of Prime Minister was supposed to go to the elected party, the Likud, but Olmert got some doctors to sign that "that there was a possibility that Sharon could recover," so he could be the "temporary" replacement.

Olmert hadn't even been elected when, again at a Herzliya Conference, he announced that he was giving the Arabs almost all of Judea and Samaria, the Jewish HomeLand, the locations of our Biblical history which explain how our People developed. He was in a rush to do it and talked of a time-table of less than a year. This was only a few months after thousands of innocent Jews had been exiled from their homes in Gush Katif and Northern Shomron, and were holed up in hotels, because of Disengagement.

Olmert had no authority, and like with Sharon's Disengagement, no government planning, feasibility, national viability, future ramifications, discussions or anything had taken place, at least not officially or publicly. Olmert's behavior is far from anything a democratic leader does in a true democracy. The Olmert-Sharon leadership style is that of a totalitarian dictator. Don't forget that Olmert and Soviet-raised Avigdor Lieberman are trying to change the Israeli government-system to one in which it's "more stable."

It's not even two years since Olmert's big announcement and he's doing everything he can to hand Jewish Land to the terrorists. Now, again, his plans are in the headlines.

Olmert Offers Judea, Samaria, Divides J'lem in Draft Accord
by Gil Ronen

(IsraelNN.com) Israel has agreed, in writing, to hand over 6,250 square kilometers of land – the equivalent of its entire biblical and strategic heartland - to an Arab terror state. Details of negotiations are being reported by Dr. Guy Bechor, a leading expert on Arab affairs.
Bechor reports that it is known for certain that Israel has, in the past few days, presented Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas at least one draft of an "agreement of principles." (Complete article in link which is before the headline.)
Since he plans that a few "enclaves" will remain Israeli, he wants to be generous to the Arabs and give them land which has been part of the State of Israel since 1948.

Baruch Hashem, the Arabs keep asking for more and have been refusing the package. The more Israel offers, the more the Arabs demand.

Olmert's approval rating is low; for the past year it has been in single digits. His plans haven't been brought for discussion, neither in the government or by the public. We don't have a true democracy. It's winner take all, and tough luck to the loser.

  • Disengagement refugees are still unemployed and in deteriorating refugee camps.
  • Sderot, southern Israel, is being attacked by the "PA" terrorists daily, Kassam Slams into Sderot; Damage and Shock .
  • Gilad Shalit just spent a second birthday captive, and he isn't the only soldier being held incommunicado by our Arab enemies.
  • Residents of the north fear another war. The war, just over a year ago, was totally traumatic. Haifa, one of Israel's major cities, was blitzed by Arab rockets launched from southern Lebanon, a result of Ehud Barak's campaign promise when he first ran for Prime Minister.

Olmert & Barak must be stopped. Lovers of freedom and democracy all over the world must protest against them!

Olmert & Barak' policies endanger world peace, since they are strengthening and encouraging Arab terrorism.

Don't be afraid and don't be silent.

Only international pressure can stop Olmert & Barak!

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach

May you have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat


tnspr569 said...

It's quite sickening and frightening to hear people say, "the government gave it to them, so the government can take it away, too."

Crazy times, these days.

Longing to return home...

Shabbat Shalom.

Batya said...

Nobody gave us our house. We sold our Israeli apartment and invested the money in our home in Shiloh. We paid the rest to the bank which lent us the mortgage.

The left likes to lie.

ps following this statement is the link with the info
No plan to present Olmert-Abbas understanding to cabinet before presenting it to international conference

Daniel said...

this is why I'm so pessimistic.

Daniel said...

Even if the ehudim give away yesha, why does it have to be Judenrein. If arabians can live in the greenline why can't Jews live beyond.
Why , after the Indian partition are there no Hindus in pakistan but 10% India muslim?
Where are the xtain algerians etc....

Batya said...

daniel, read the fine print, the headlines, all the same

Nobody wants Jews here in the Biblical Heartland no matter who "rules." That's the point. Only in our Holy Land are we forbidden by all the liberal moralizers to live.

Daniel said...

"Only in our Holy Land are we forbidden by all the liberal moralizers to live."

Unfortunately jewish Libs are the waffen ss of liberalism

Batya said...

so sad and tragic
Lots of work for us Jews to fix.