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Monday, August 6, 2007


I know that there's an art to shooting a ball into a basket, but even the best players don't score 100% of the time.
We were all prepared, ready to sink some 3 pointers when...

...we were turned away at the door.
We had planned on seeing the movie, Home Game, about the basketball tournament in Gush Katif, before the destruction of the Jewish communities there.
The friends who had organized the evening had been told that we didn't need to reserve places in advance, just show up ten minutes early. When we got to "Ozen Shlishi," we were told that all the 25, yes just 25, tickets were all sold out. One of my friends said that she could fit 50 in her living room to show it. If she does, then I'll go there to see it. I left and went home without seeing the movie.
Good night

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