Saturday, October 7, 2006

Small World

When I was a teen, and the World's Fair was in nearby Flushing, New York, one of the exhibits had a theme song: "It's a Small World," and that's how I felt when I read It Takes a Sex Scandal in Newsweek.

There's so much rotten in the Israeli Government, criminal investigations against PM Ehud Olmert, Israel's Supreme Court is demanding an independent inquiry not the Winograd Committee, which was appointed by the people they're supposed to be investigating, and now politicians and top army offices are admitting that the decision to have the IDF implement the 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip "a serious mistake, for which we are still paying the price."

But what issue has justice moving quickly? It's the Katzav sex scandal, of course.

ps My sources say that there may be something to the charges...

The American scandal involves Rep. Mark Foley, a powerful (male) politician going after young men, pages, teenagers working in Congress. Oh, yes, he's a Republican.
The Foley Scandal is a missile aimed at the heart of the GOP’s most important base constituency: evangelical, Bible-believing Christians, who were already upset with the administration on a host of issues—including spending and immigration.
At the same time in the states, the anti-war forces are simmering and about to explode, and they are mostly Democrats. So it should be pretty interesting there, too. And Israeli politicians shouldn't be so sure that their alliances with the Bush family and other Republicans are such good investments for their futures.

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